Scared stiff

Hi all i need some advise, yesterday about 3pm onwards until almost 9pm i couldn’t stop my right hand shaking. It was so bad that when i picked my friends son up from afterschool i couldn’t sign my name. I rang NHS direct and explained the stressfull 3 weeks iv’e had and also the next 2 will be stressfull too,

but the other reason was i haven’t been able to hold onto food for 2 weeks either and my inr had shot up to 5.2 and just wasted a bit of reassurance i wasn’t having a stroke (bleed at 5.2 i was thinking). Anyway she reasured i was more than likely to be something to do with the

tests i’m having for MS.

Have any of you had this symptom that only lasted around 6 hours then went as i’m more freaked out now than ever.

Dads op should be next tue or wed now

tia sonia x

Am sending you ((((hugs)))) Sonia

You have so much going on right now - I remember only too well the times when my mum has been so desperately ill in the past. The worry and stress is simply terrible and unfortunately this can exacerbate symptoms - just to add to everything else that’s going on

I think you were right to contact NHS Direct particularly as you have other health problems as well. If it continues, give your GP a call just to err on the side of caution.

Failing that, give your neuro’s secretary a call and ask for a callback from the neuro himself. I’ve done this in the past and he’s sent a prescription directly to my home.

Either way I’d definitely mention it to your neuro when you next see him as tremors are common in ms. I know that you’re going through the diagnostic stage but everything you can tell him helps.

In the meantime, I know it’s nigh on impossible but try to find a bit of time throughout the day to sit down and relax - do something you like to do. It’s not an answer but distraction does help take the mind off things, even if only for a short time.

Look after you Sonia


Debbie xx

…arrrgghhhh, I always forget something…

I meant to add that symptoms can vary not just between people but also for ourselves too. I can go for a few weeks and then suddenly a particular symptom may appear. It may last a few hours or drag on…and on…

An example of this is my legendary ‘highland flings’ which sounds funny - and I suppose it is in a way and I do try and laugh about it - but I cannot tell you how many mugs, plates and glasses I’ve broken and how many times whatever I happen to be holding is flung across the room completely unexpectedly!!

Note these things down for your neuro Sonia…

Debbie xx

5.2 is pretty high isn’t it? I was about to ask you if stress affects it when I realised I could just google it - and found that yes, it does. So I guess it’s no wonder your inr is so high - you’re not exactly having an easy time right now :frowning: Do try and follow Debbie’s advice and have (lots of!) “me” time - it might help, but you deserve it anyway! (((((hugs))))) Karen x

Hi Sonia

your focused so much on your father at the moment and so stressed that I’m sure it’s not helping your symptoms. Debbie’s recommendations are great - try and find some me time and do somethint that you find relaxes you. I love reading and I sit on my balcony - enjoy the sun without being in direct line to get to hot.

Variability is also quiet common. I’m not diagnosed but MS is certainly one of the considerations since I noticed obvious symptoms 7-8 months ago. It’s only now I’m beginning to understand you have these spells of things being better or worse and what a true neew episode of symptoms is. It takes time to learn whats happening to your body and what you think is a normal chanfge and what is new. You were ccertainly right to get some advice with your other medical issues though.

Best of luck

Hope everything works out well for you and your dad



I often get a tremor that lasts for hours, it’s awful isn’t it. I get people looking at me like I’m an alkie or something.

You have so much on your plate at the moment that I’m surprised your head hasn’t exploded. Like others have said try and take some time out for yourself, even if it’s just to watch trash tv (Jeremy Kyle works for me, it always makes me feel better about myself lol)

Take care hunni


For sure you have high stress levels what with the worry of your Dad and his op. Some good advice, definitely try get some ‘me’ time in each day.

I love clothes and shoe shopping. Even if I don’t buy anything. I go out with a friend for coffee to and we just sit and chat. It’s great stress relief. We also ‘do the charity shops’. I love a good hunt around :slight_smile: Sometimes yuo can find some real bargains. I can forget the world for a couple of hours.

Are you able to do any exercise? Exercise is fab for stress too. Yoga or Pilates? Something gentle.

Or swimming for an hour or so?

Nip round to a friend’s house or a neighbour for a coffee and a chinwag? Don’t forget the bikkies - There’s not much can beat a good old natter over coffee and biscuits :slight_smile:

One of the mild symptoms that I still have are tremours. Not severe and not all the time but sometimes I can feel it. It feels like my whole body is ‘jittery’ and when I hold my hands out they are termbling. It usually only lasts a few hours.

Hope your dad’s op goes smoothly and you can try to relax a bit once it’s over with.

Just wanted to send love and support to you for the awful time you’re having. The other guys have given you great advice and I can’t really add to it. Thinking of you though and hope things improve. Teresa xx

Just wanted to send my best wishes to you and your father! You’ve been on my mind for a good while since you were kind enough to leave feedback on my post.

Please rest up, it can all become so overpowering!

Mandymoo x

Thank you all so much for the kind and helpful replies, i went yesterday to pass a message to my GP but the secretary wasn’t letting me get away that easy and booked me in for 5.20pm.

My god it’s a good job he was running 15 mins early as i must of been in their for half hour! I was right to miss out my warfarin on thursday night (never have i had to do this) but must monitor closely now, and take 15mg diazepam a day for 3 days.

I am banned for my own sanity from running back up the hospital today and i am to have total rest and relaxation before my CNS throws a major tantrum.

With the way my neighbours are it’s a good job i have been invited to my friends from 4.30pm this evening for a relaxing bbq. As next door has yet another party .

RIZZO, i never knew stress affects INR i thought it was just foods, drinks and pills? Shows what i know lol.

But all of you have been so kind and helpful in your own ways, Thankyou so much

Sonia x