Ok People.

Earlier on this week I wrote that my GP told me even though he thought it highly likely I had MS, he wouldnt refer me to a neurologist yet.  Well, after a week of feeling particularly poorly with just about every part of me having pins and needles, numbness, electric shocks, spasms, weakness, blurred vision, etc etc., I went back to GP today and stuck out my right arm (which had been jerking uncontrollably for about 3 hours at that point), and said "well, this is a new symptom so Im back to get the referral". Well, my GP looked horrified, oked the referral, and I should hear from the hospital next Friday :D I also got some pain killers. So I am looking forward to sleeping tonight and today I actually had a really good day.. well, after my arm decided to cooperate! I know I have done far too much today as it was like cramming a weeks worth of housework into one day, plus running my elderly parents around, plus having my 7 year old niece round for tea. A really good day,(tho Im already starting to ache). But I am feeling very positive for the first time in a good few weeks; and so I wish you all a good weekend, a good day, a good hour, or a good ten minutes, as it really has recharged my batteries :D 

Paula xx

Well done Paula!! Was just about to say don't overdo it! But methinks it's too late!!

Hope your good days continue!! xxxjenxxxhappyflower

Good for you Paula happy2.

It's hard to have to keep on at our GP, but you did great - and just at the right time when your arm was performing!

I can guess you'll be feeling a bit 'under par' today after doing all you did yesterday. Try to have a rest day today so that you don't make things worse.

Take care & I do hope your referral appointment comes through real soon.

Bren x

WELL DONE YOU! Congrats happy2


Well done Paula, good move. Hope you hear from the neuro soon.

Teresa xx

Thank you all for your support :D

Well, I had two good days apart from the jerky arm so Im well pleased. Was actually good to be able to drive and do the shopping and not go to bed at 9. Now Ive woke up today. stumbled getting up (numb right foot), got tremors again, and my back keeps going into spasms. Suppose thats what I deserve for doing far too much. Back to GP tomo as I need another sick cert, and plan to keep going every time something else happens. He will be so sick of me :D Pain Killers he gave me were codeine which is slightly ridiculous as they do nothing for me. Anyone know what painkiller I should ask for and is there anything  that will help the shaking arm stop?