Hi All,

Undx as yet, but have MRI with contrast on 17th july.

A question?

Does anyone, who get shaking, does theirs get worse when blow drying hair etc?

I find it get impossible to put any makeup on after i washed/dried my hair!

The tremors are so bad at mo that i am typing with great difficulty.

Also last 3 days shaking, buzzing been much worse! is it because its been humid?

And i haven’t had great sleep for 3 nights either!

From a knackered, shaky nutcase ! LOL

Lea xx

Hello Lea Get hand tremors, can’t say it is worse after drying hair tho. Ido find it worse when typing or trying to pass something such as a full mug of coffee, wich can be rather worrying. If stressed it makes it a lot worse too. I have had an increase in symptoms over last week or so, I did not put it down to weather, it hadn’t crossed my mind, it is a good thought tho. I have to have a fan on at night as get so hot. It may help you too. Ppx

Hi Lea, I think you’re right, my symptoms worsened over the past few too. I think it maybe heat or combined with humidity. maybe you should write it down as another symptom. Good luck with it. F.xx

I have a slight tremor and it is worse than usual today. Don’t know if it is related to the heat outside today.

I usually find it is worse after carrying my shopping home and I notice it more when I am pouring water form the kettle or in circumstances where I am stretching my arms out when holding something (like pouring from a kettle) or when watering plants with watering can etc.

thanks all,

Maybe its not really a tremor then, maybe its an one of those things that i can add to my exasterbations in the heat?

You know when u get hot, the back of my head buzzes and my tingling gets worse in feet and my left side actually feels cold…although it feels hot to touch?

Flippin hell, all this stuff is tough to get your head around! I feel like a basket case most of the time and it really bugs me that my shaking is bad in the mornings for a bout 3 hours then settles. By the time i get to work its all but gone!

Althpough if i rush around or attempt to run both my feet go numb…whats that all about? Takes me 20mins of sitting in my car before i can drive to work? Freaks me out a bit.

Makes me wonder if its not ms? Again i still cant feel temperature of any kind on my left side from neck down and i get random twitching (worse in left side but do get it in right leg too! Have no idea what thats about either!

Wow, i sound awful on paper dont i!! LOL

Well if it aint ms then i am a mess! guess i have to wait for MRI and see what results are…this waiting game SUCKS tho…surprised more of us in limbo aren’t insane.

Heres to a good week to all and my new philosophy is, if its bad day…laugh it makes it better, if its a good day…smile, it will get better and if its a horrific day…give someone a hug and they will make it feel better! Seems to work for me!

Lea xx

I get hand and leg tremors, they get worse when it’s hot or with over use, which I why I’m guessing you’rs are bad after using a hair dryer.

The tremors make it very hard to type accurately at times and even hold a spoon.

Hi Everyone

I have tremor in my left hand, it makes writing, typing, using a knife & fork, stiring a cup of tea etc a nightmare.

Has anyone found a cure or health supplement to relieve tremors ???


I suffer badly with myoclonic jerks and was prescribed Cloazepam which you increase slowly, they have eased a lot but still occur, especially when I’m tired or been sitting for to long in one position. When I first started taking them they gave me the most awfull headaches but I persevered and the headaches disappeared. Hope this helps.



Hi Lea, I have a problem with fine movement of my hands which I notice when trying to put on makeup and things like spooning coffee (hand jerks or shakes so coffee goes everywhere).

Mags :slight_smile: xx


I was found to have a tremor in my right arm by the Dr when I first went to him with these odd neuro symptoms with my 2nd relapse. It’s now been joined by one in the left, but not so severe (upper arm muscle nerve supply is compromised in my left arm so less infrastructure to be affected). Arm tremors are the most common in all cases. Mine is worse if I do too much and fatigue the muscles, I’ve been known to struggle to carry a tray of teapots and cups after carrying shopping (rattling embarassingly across the shop) and sometimes if I’ve been doing a lot of arm intestive stuff before I eat my hands shake noticeably with my knife and fork use.

I ask for my tray to be carried now!

If I hold out a heavy mug or full glass and try to put it down at arm’s length I have a huge and very odd wobble at the end of my reach with my right arm. Can spill things so have to slow down a lot.

It’s very disturbing to have to adapt things in your life - live it differently - when you don’t know what’s wrong with you and have been told my a neuro that lots of people have my symptoms and my GP can help with them. Stopped short of telling me there was nothing wrong with me but that was the flavour of the conversation. What rubbish!