Twitchy fingers, anyone?!

Hello Folks Does anyone find they have twitchy fingers?? I’ve noticed that mine are getting increasingly trembly - I tried to cut my daughter’s fringe (to redo the new cut her 8 year old friend decided to give her yesterday…) but found that my hands were shaking too much. Turns out the 8 year olds cut was better. I’ve also got a slight head tremor - my teeth chatter lightly when together. Has anyone else with light symptoms experienced this, and if so any suggestions on how to calm them down? They come & go daily. I finished a 5 day course of steroids a couple of weeks ago but not sure if they will help with shakiness. Any suggestions gratefully received (unless it’s never cut your daughter’s hair with shaky hands!) Thanks Jane x

Hi Jane I’m wondering the same thing, my hands are really shaky at the mo! Mini x

hi jane

my fingers sometimes twitch.

i have given up a lot of things that require fine motor skills - cutting hair, plucking eyebrows, sewing etc

i’ve just taken a pair of trousers to a local shop to be shortened.

i used to do all that myself.

on the plus side, everybody else used to bring me their stuff for sewing!

carole x

Hi Carole Every cloud, eh…?! Thank for your reply. Mini78 also posted an almost identical query titled ‘tremors’ so maybe the heat this time of year makes it worse. Looks like I’ll have to settle for a monobrow from here on - I might start a new trend! Jane xx