'Shaking~ thumb and now fingers

Does anyone have any advice as to what on earth I can do about this? This isn’t a tremor but a massive full on bouncing up and down looking ridiculous kind of thing! I am currently hiding my hand underneath my dressing gown and typing slowly with my left hand but I can’t carry on with this as my kids will see it and be freaked out. It is starting to hurt my forearm now and the palm of my hand. It is rather like when something has pressed on a nerve and set it off juddering but far more excessive and has been going on for about 5 hrs now. Hiding it is very difficult!

Hope everyone has had as good a day as they can do and sending lots of love to you all. Thanks so much for any help.


My hands shake, sometimes really badly and my fingers bounce too. It’s annoying and sometimes embrassing when other people notice.

Thanks Tabitha. Sorry to hear yours do it too. I haven’t told most people about any problems at all, other than I sometimes have ‘dodgy arms and legs’.

Hope you have a fantastic day today and everyone else does too.