Hey everyone Not sure if its the hot weather but my hands seem to be really shaky at the mo and its quite frustrating! How do you deal with this? Thanks Mini x

Hi Mini - that’s strange; I just posted a similar query today. My hands have been really shaky. I spoke to my ms nurse who asked if I drank alcohol. I said yes - & he said good! Red wine can help so he suggested I pour myself a glass! That’s the kind of constructive advice I appreciate. He did say if it got to the stage where I wasn’t able to do daily tasks then I’d need to see him & the neurologist & they could refer me to a tremor expert. Hope that helps. Best wishes Jane xxx

Thanks Jane, an excuse to have a drink hey? Lol x

You need an excuse?? Cheers! X

That’s interesting to know. I’m likely PP so accepted the shakiness I get, if I lift my little finger and/or ring finger on my right hand. With PP likely they don’t prescribe ANYTHING, just go with an “Only time will tell” approach.

I’m hoping my LDN (private prescription) will arrive shortly which I’m hoping will help with my general twitchiness but I think a glass of wine or two would go down nicely in the meantime :smiley:

Sonia x

Hi Sonia. Hope your LDN works for you. I look forward to hearing a positive update, I didn’t realise they don’t prescribe anything with PP. Must be v frustrating especially as you’d think there must be medication which could alleviate specific symptoms like shakiness. As you say, a glass of wine (purely for medicinal purposes) should help in the meantime! Jane xx