Shaking hand, any help?

For the past year my left hand has been shaking badly. The last 3 months though it is getting so much worse. It’s still when resting but as soon as I move it or try & pick something up its impossible to use. It’s like I’m rapidly bouncing a basketball! I forgot myself in the supermarket the other day, had some items in my right hand, picked up some cheese spread to read label & next thing I knew my left hand had chucked it across the floor, ops! Anyway I was wondering if there is anything that can be taken or done physio wise to reduce/stop the shaking? All my MS nurse suggested was to wear wrist weights but they do nothing :frowning:

Hi Smudgey!

I’m afraid I can’t offer any helpful advice - just wanted to say I get almost exactly the same as you in my right-hand (…which is even more of a bummer as I was right-handed, pre-MS), so I know exactly what you’re having to deal with !! At least we’re not alone

Hopefully, someone will be by soon with a useful suggestion or two?!!

With best wishes,


Thanks Dom, sorry you’ve got it too :frowning: you’ve not tried to get help with it then?

Hi again Smudgey,

The last time I saw my Neuro, I mentioned that this aspect of MS was getting a lot worse, but being sat at his desk, he wasn’t able to see the shaking for himself. If he’d asked for me to try to clap, move right hand quickly with any kind of accuracy, mimic brushing teeth, combing hair, picking spots (…mmm …nice!!) he’d have seen for himself how pronounced it was.

Well, it’s deteriorated further since I saw him last, so I will give a demo - whether he asks for one or not - and insist that it be addressed before it gets worse !!

I was watching something on TV a couple of weeks ago about the Walton Centre - a hospital in Liverpool - where they carry out neurosurgery (…scary stuff ) and there was a young man with really bad trembling in both arms, to the extent that he could barely make himself a hot drink (…bless his heart!!).

Well, they carried out brain-surgery on him and be disrupting the brain-signals telling him to tremble, they pretty much cured him!! Amazing!!

Maybe we need to see if we qualify, Smudgey ??!!


Neuros never seem to have great people skills :expressionless: I also saw something like that with a lady and they shaved side of her head and sent this laser heat wave things to the correct spot in her brain and it cured her! Quite scary though isn’t it, I’m hoping there’s some kind of pill to help but we will see hey.

No suggestions yet ?

HI Smudgey,

I cant suggest much as its early days for me in the tremor world.

I have a full body tremor, arms, legs, head etc, and it is so frustrating, time consuming and tiring. My GP gave me a visit yestrday, and was shocked at how much I had deteriorated and that I was still waiting for my first Neuro appointment ( ive waited nearly 7 months now). But he did give me a suggestion. To get back to hydro and exercise again, thats if I can get myself out. Hydro is lovely and warm, but for some people this heat can make their jerks worst (me included). So Im a bit confused.

The point he made was that the more I tremor, the weaker my muscles, and the weaker my muscles the more I tremor. The only way I could possibly slow it down (with out medication) would be to exercise as much as possible, no matter how much pain Im in.

Anti-epilepsy drugs such as Gabapentin are supposed to be good at calming shakes. But then it depends on the individual.

As for my shakes, Im waiting to see my Neuro before I increase my medication again.

Hi Dom,

Glad you reminded me, cos I loved it. The documentry was Brain Hospital : Saving Lives. Its was amazing what they could do. I saw that heart wrenching episode of Bradley (in his 20s), starting off with a bad case of essential tremor syndrome of sorts, where his everyday tasks were very difficult, dropping things, spilling stuff and drinking beer through a straw. But with just two rods inserted in his brain, which was then connected to a computer, it was wonderful to see how the shakes and tremors could be switched off

. Its episode 4 on channel 5 catchup if anyone missed it. All the episodes were worth watching. Yes, it does leave us wondering if such treatment could be available for any of us.

Anyway, wish I could help you more. Hoping to see some more experienced suggestions.

Take care

Almond xxx

Hi Almond,

Thank you so much for your response - the time and trouble are truly appreciated.

So sorry to hear what you’re having to cope with and I sincerely hope your Neuro is able to suggest something that actually helps you !!

With best wishes,


Thank you Dom,

Im keeping everything crossed.

Almond xxx

Hi Smudgey

Without seeing you, it’s a bit difficult to say, but it sounds like you’re experiencing Secondary Dystonia. This is a neurological condition that can occur as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. I’m pretty clued up on it now, because it’s my overriding MS symptom, I’m afraid.

At its worst, during my relapse (June- Aug 2013), I was prescribed Tizanidine and this proved very effective in reducing the muscle activity. Baclofen is another prescribed medication especially for MS patients, but it had absolutely no effect on me. Thankfully, the muscle activity is much reduced now, so I have steered clear of reverting back to Tizanidine

I’m horrified that your MS Nurse suggested wearing wrist weights.

Anyway, the following NHS website is very informative. Don’t panic, I don’t think you need to consider DBS (deep brain stimulation) at this stage. Sorry, I can’t hyperlink it, so just copy the link to your browser.

Make an appointment to see your GP.

Good luck and best wishes. Let us know how you get on.

Tracyann xx