Tremor in my left hand and clumsy- advice please

Hi guys, As I have said before I am really new to all of this. I am still going through a relapse. (Optic neuritis). It’s about 12 weeks now. I have been feeling really bad the last week in particular. Almost like a new relapse but as I haven’t recovered from the ON yet I think it’s still the same relapse… Hubby and my mother have helped with baby this weekend to give me a rest as I am still trying to work. My job doesn’t allow me any sick leave. Today I have noticed a new problem and I don’t know if its something I need to contact neuro team about tomorrow. Don’t want to be labelled as crazy. I have a tremor or shake in my left hand. Never had before. Weird thing is its worst in my thumb… Noticed it tying to text and type and stuff. My whole hand feels odd. Clumsy been trying to make a cup of tea holding tea spoon etc. It’s worse when I hold my hand in certain positions. My hand feels like I have a glove on it that’s too tight is that makes sense. It’s even hard to type now. Scared this is a new ms thing for me… Thanks in advance for the help from all you pros!

Hi lillywhite.

Two sorts of tremor:
Essential tremor. This is a continuous tremor, usually associated with things like Parkinsons. Very fast, but very small movements (technically high rate, low amplitude)
Intention tremor. This is an almost random tremor that only comes when you try to do something with the hand/arm. This is exactly the opposite (low rate, high amplitude). This is frequently noted with MS victims.

Intention tremor can be really annoying. Yes, it can play havoc with typing, but when (in my case) you stick a forkfull of food into your beard instead of your mouth, you realise just how much you depend on your hand going where you wanted it to. The only coping strategies that I have found, are to move the hand real slowly (a fast movement makes it worse); and when reaching for something reach “through” it, and close your fingers at the right time. A neuro did suggest to me that it could be a sign of a relapse.

If you have to answer the phone, you could try picking it up with your right hand and putting the phone into the left hand (so that the left hand does not move.




Tremors are quite common for people with MS so don’t be too concerned! I am now in the progressive stage and get them quite a lot and mainly in my legs, so I would advise you speak to your neuro team asap because maybe they could do something to nip this in the bud?

Good luck xx