did anybody else have a tremor as one of their first MS symptoms? I hear they’re usually something that occurs much later on and is also a less common symptom, but it was one of my first. Can anybody else relate to this? Did yours go away or is it something you always have, did it get any worse? was / is it just in your hands or other body parts too?

Would love to hear your experience with tremor :slight_smile:

Hi ?, I’ve had SPMS for about 13 years now and in the past few years I get multiple contractions in the fingers of my left hand, but only for a few seconds when I get out of bed in the morning. Most of my MS problems are related to my left side where in the past I’ve had like fast pulsating under my left shoulder blade which occurred 2/3 times a day, lasted a few minutes roughly over a 2 month period. Also had the same symptoms in my stomach for about the same length of time at a later date. Hope this helps.

I have a tremor but it was not my first symptom and i have RRMS so it’s only prominent during relapse this probably doesn’t help much sorry!

It was one of the first things I noticed! mine is pretty much constant, it drives me made sometimes. Mainly in the left side of my body. I also get body jerks but they affect both sides of my body (icluding my head) but the worst is my wrists, they jerk every time I move my hands which can made things difficult!

I have a tremor in right arm/hand, it comes and goes as it pleases. Sometimes it’s more noticeable as in others will see it, otherwise it’s just a very slight shake.