I’m curious did anybody experience tremors as one of their first symptoms or very early on? I have a tremor in my hands and legs when lifting them or when they’re in certain positions. This was one of my first symptoms but I’ve never read that it was anybody else’s (and I’ve done a lot of reading of other people’s symptoms) i also experience what I think are internal tremors sometimes, but I’m not 100% in that. If you too had tremors early on what type of MS do you have and did the tremors go away?

I didn’t experience them early on but I do experience them now

Yes, I did and still do experience tremors. I already had slight tremors when I was diagnosed with PPMS at the end of June this year, although I had a few other symptoms too. Some days are worse than others, and often worsen after exertion. The confusing thing about MS is that it seems to treat everyone differently without reason, so it’s difficult to say whether or not your tremors will remain or disappear. I’m awaiting a referral to a physio to see what can be done to improve matters, although I think that not much can be done for tremors other than perhaps something like core strengthening exercise to alleviate limb stress.

i have tremors and spazams in my back but only when im sleeping it wakens me up as i arch my back that much it feels like its going to snap

did you experience these early on or after a few years?

had m s for twenty years and still run my own plastering company and still on the tools but three years since had a relaps left so took me up to spms carnt work now too much pain hypersensative skin hands feel like mickey mouses legs either feel wet or burning feet feel like im walking on marbles and thats only half of it