Whole body tremors are these normal?

Hi, ms nurse on holiday and GP no help so hoped someone on here could. I am not diagnose yet but have multiple brain and spinal lesions which were found following MRI after suffering right leg spasticity and tremors in Oct last year. I have lumbar puncture appt next Tues. I have posted previously about having strange walking symptoms. On Saturday I had my frist experience of whole body spasms, very scary for me and my poor family. I was basically ‘body popping’ with each spasm, twisting in some very uncomfortable shapes, dropping to the floor then when I regained strength to stand up again my legs were stretching up on tiptoe. I recently had a urine sample taken which came back clear and am well in myself, apart from this. Very tired yesterday and only a few twitches. I am taking gabapentin which has just increased to 900mg daily.

Has anyone else experienced this?

No, hun I`ve not had these kind of spasms, but I know how horribly painful spasms can be.

As you`ve not yet been diagnosed, ( and I guess it wont be long till you are), your medication should be sorted and hopefully the things you are experiencing now, will abate.


Thank you Poll for replying, especially as you probably have troubles of your own. I’m pleased that you don’t have these spasms, I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. It has been a rollercoaster since the beginning of October and I had hoped things would have gone back to normal by now not got worse. I think I was kind of hoping that this had just been a blip and that was the end of it.

Apparently as well as the multiple lesions there is a long lesion on my spine which is why my neurologist is loathe to diagnose MS until after the LP as I might have something else that mimics MS. Hence the delay in getting medication. Suppose that if it is MS then it’s not going anywhere so better to be sure.

Sorry for wittering on, thank you again for reading and answering,