Waiting to see neurologist

Hi all, I’ve never posted before but was hoping you guys could give me som advise. I’ve suffered from low back pain for years, always put it down to the jobs I’ve done hairdressing/ caring. For about 3 years my back has got worse more so at night in bed, I get completely licked and my husband has to move me. About a year ago I started to get what I can only describe as an internal tremor, I could only feel it. As the year has gone on it’s now noticeable sometime quite a lot. I’ve had 4 episodes in the last two months where I have been shaking so violently that my legs go weak. Once out shopping walking down stairs my legs got weaker the more steps I took, luckily my husband was there to hold me up. I also have pins and needles in my hands, elbows, back of thighs and feet. My left foot feels like I have a shoe on that three times too small. Sometimes the pins and needles are quite painful. I also have vise like feeling in both arms, muscle cramps in calfs. Forgot to mention pins and needles around mouth/lips. I get little muscle twitching all over. I haven’t had any falls but occasionally feel dizzy. I had my eyes tested as was getting headache and eye pain but all was ok. Do you think this could be ms? I’m now 40 the only other issues I had years before was terrible pain in the base if my spine where I couldn’t sit directly on my bottom had to sit on one cheek! I also forgot to mention I have heat sensitive finger tips my hand for one day just burnt like I was holding a piece of burning coal. My left also very sentive to heat like bathing in hot water and find I have to keep it out of the duvet at night. Any thoughts welcomed, as it’s very scary and lonely at the moment.

To add to post above I’ve had lots of blood tests done all came back ok. Think the doctor was more concerned with the shaking as the day I went it was quite bad.

Hi Julie

Welcome to the site.

Sorry to hear you are suffering.

I was disgnosed with MS 8 years ago following an MRI, lumber puncture and other tests. I too get a lot of what you are describing but you need to ask your GP to refer you to Neurology for a chat because that is the only way you will get some sort of answer. It could be a number of conditions including MS.

As you probably already know you can’t diagnose MS by a blood test.

I reckon a referral to Neurology is your answer.

Good luck and I hope you get an answer.

Let us know how it goes.

Take care.

Shazzie x

Hello Julie and welcome.

I agree with the advice Shazzie as given, you need to see a neuro.

You will get lots of help and support on here…the guys are great.

I can identify with a lot of the symptoms you mention…I was diagnosed august this year.

Take care, Noreen

Hi guys, Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. I have an appointment to see neuro on the 13 th December. Although reading peoples stories on here I’m not banking on getting any type of diagnoses as it seems it can take years for some. But maybe I’ll get an idea of what he/she thinks as to what it could be? Regards Julie x