Sorry if i’m being really stupid and over the top but how do you know if you’ve got tremors? I know it sound stupid but every day my hands have started to tremble but not to the point where I can’t hold things or write but I can just feel it inside this constant shaking and when I look at my hands they are just constantly slightly trembling.

I have been on the lower dose of tec now for 3 weeks (went to the higher dose but it didn’t agree with me so went back to the lower dose) and have tried to tell myself the shaking is just a side effect but I’m starting to feel it isn’t to do with that and there’s a chance it could be my MS.

Any insight into this would be really useful as (as I’m sure you all know) having an episode is not black and white but in the same way that I won’t want to jump straight to conclusions I also don’t want to dismiss this either.

Thanks for the help xx

Hi Smurphy

MS tremors are often intention tremors, though they can be resting tremors or postural tremors. There’s a bit about the different tremors on this MS website page.

I had a few resting tremors last year but not this year, they seemed to have stopped. I do ten minutes of yoga twice a day and meditate twice a day, It feels like this has helped reduce the symptoms.