Had a bit of distressing moment today - everything’s been going quiet well and most of you that have been around for a while will know I’ve recovered from my symptoms pretty well apart from the odd blip over the last 4months. Anyway today I was presenting and teaching to doctors standard part of my job which I’ve done on many occasions with no issues whatsoever.

Today though when we broke up into mini workshops and I was trying to teach my group my right hand started to shake uncontrollably. It was terrible I tried to swap it over to my other hand which was a bit better but still shaking. It wa\s terribly embarrasing. I know I get the odd mild tremor when I’ve overexerted in my L hand but it’s hardly perceptible and I had an episode of my L thumb jerking and tremor when I’d carried too much but that was quiet a while back and in my L hand. I’ve never hand any issues with the R before. It’s scared me a little and knocked my confidence slightly.

I just wandered what everyone elses experiences with tremors were. I’m undiagnosed but neuro did feel it was looking like possible MS even with non-specific MRI lesions



hi Reemz,

Just responding because my daughter gets tremors - not too serious, really, so may not be in any way comparable. But someone on here suggested drinking tonic water - it contans quinine - andsince she started, it hasp retty wells topped the tremor, at least for now.

I am sure there are drugs that would do a better job, though… just thought I’d mention it.

Also, it crossed my mind that if you were talking to doctors, they wouldn’t be the least bit troubled to see a tremor - it’s their bread and butter, after all.

Good luck!


My tremor varies loads and with no apparent rhyme or reason. Saying that, it’s often worse when I’m in the neuro’s office (even though I’m not nervous), so I can only imagine what a roomful of white coats would do!

Could you simply have been overdoing it recently, but put in as much energy and enthusiasm into your presentation as usual, which on this occasion was a bit too much for your body? That would be enough to kick off a bad dose of tremor in my case at least.

Karen x

Again i suffer from intention tremor with my left side. Constant tremor though. It was put down on my dx letter. I asked specialist if it was down to where lesions were and said no. Surely the affected part of the brain would have a bearing on it?

Thanks guys.

Vicky - currently alreay drink tonic water, but try not to overdo it as quinine overdose can cause loss of vision though I’m sure the amount in drinks is small. That’s excellent your daughter has found it’s helped her though. I think because I rarely suffer from tremor I wound’t want to stick myself on any meds. I guess it just caught me off guard as it happened in my R hand and in a situation I didn’t expect. Just hope it doesn’t get worse.

Karen - I’m hoping it’s just tiredness and the situation. I have been teaching students for the last 3 weeks as well as working and wedding venue hunting. But saying that I make a big point of getting enough sleep where I can and having lie ins and some down time on the weekends. Iv’e noticed the tremor tends to appear when I’m holding something: like the i pad, a pot, a mug or peice of paper at the workshop I was teaching in on friday. I don’t know if thats relevant as to what type of tremor I have?

The Sherriff - I know there’s different types of tremor such as resting, intentional, essential etc and some conditions that overlap with tremor. Some of those are caused by brain lesions in areas like the basal ganglia/cerebellum but I know some people can have tremors for no reason. I guess it has to be taken into context of what other health issues you have perhaps.

Hands fell sore today like it’s done a lot of work but no tremor so I’m going to assume it’s a blip. Just more distressing happening in front of other people. My close work colleagues and friends know about my health issues but I don’t want the whole of my profession and doctors that work within the rotation to all be talking about my issues. I think thats what made me uncomfy when it happened.

Anyway musn’t dwell on it - onwards and upwards.



Help, a few years ago both hands and head started shaking…MS I have from 15 year, so now I am 32…Lithuanian doctors don’t know how sstoped shaking…