Weird buzzing - do I need to ring neuro??

hi I’m going through the MS diagnosis - episode last year then another transverse myelitis about 6wks who when they finally said it’s looking like MS after MRI and lumbar puncture but still not confirmed diagnosis. So the episode a few weeks ago was numb feet, in one leg up to my knee and my whole groin/bum. So that’s got a good bit better and I’m now down to using one crutch only as my feet are still pins and needles and I’m really clumsy. Tonight iv had 2 occasions that my feet have felt like they’ve they’ve been on a vibro-plate or standing on a vibrating phone- really intense and only lasts about 20secs but freaking me out a bit. Is this a new symptom that I need to call neuro or GP? Or do I just mention it in September when I see Beuro again. I see on other threads it can be common for MS but I dono if this is a new episode or just a continuation of most recent one? Sorry if that’s confusing… freaking a bit incase it’s another episode

it won’t do any harm to notify your neuro about your new symptom. if you haven’t had it before then it’s a new one. try ringing his or her secretary and ask them to pass the message on to the neuro.


Internal vibrations are like tremors that happen inside your body. You can’t see internal vibrations, but you can feel them.

Internal vibrations won’t physically shake while trying to pour a cup of tea or write a letter, however internal tremors can feel unpleasant and because they aren’t visible, these tremors can be hard to explain. They aren’t dangerous but they are uncomfortable.

There are drugs that can help reduce this symptom but getting the right treatment can involve trial and error.



Really appreciate your replies- it was the weirdest thing- was scared I was having another episode just a few weeks since last one. But it’s happened 3 times now and then goes away so hopefully nothing too bad. Iv had the shakes and tremors so maybe it’s just the internal version as such lol il leave a msg with my GP secretary and make a note to tell the neuro at next apt. Thanks for the reassurance- it panicked me when it first happened

I’ve had this is my feet and legs.It’s definitely weird.Let your neuro know if you’re worried.It can’t do any harm.