Good vibrations??!!

I have sort of got used to trying to explain rather bazzar symptoms to neuro…normal stuff like pains, pins n needles, virtigo, wet patches that arnt there, hot/cold patches, spikey feelings ect ect but had to stiffle a giggle when tried to explain a vibrating, (normally happens in face and hands). Now happens errm yes a bit lower! Is this uaual? the vibrating I mean? It is a syptom I can cope with but I feel others can see it even though I know they can’t. Feels like a mobil phone in my pocket that I can’t take out!

I would be greatful to know if others have had this?

Ta Ppx


My feet have a tens machine and vibrating phone attached to the soles of both my feet but not anywhere else especially down below but that subject has come up before on this forum maybe try everyday living may be able to help.



Hi Polly,

Yep, it’s not unheard of. These various sensations can happen pretty much happen anywhere on the body. I’m sure someone else asked the same thing recently but which forum it was on completely escapes me…it was either on here or Everyday Living.

I used to have terrible pins & needles in my legs but now it seems to affect my feet more. Random numb patches, that horrible ‘crawling’ feeling and the hot/cold thing also appear at their own leisure too amongst other things.

If the vertigo is persistent then it may be wise to contact your GP because whilst it can be related to ms (I have it quite a lot) it can also be unrelated. Stemetil works for me if it’s particularly bad

Add your ‘vibrations’ to your list for when you see your neuro…not that you’re likely to forget that it affects that particular spot…lol…

Debbie xx

Hi Polly, yes this is pretty common in MS. Actually it was one of my first symptoms… vibrations in legs. I couldn’t find anything about it on internet… and then realised that most people call it ‘buzzing’. I still have it all the time, but it goes up and down, and sometimes only in legs and sometimes all over body and face, and yes, ‘down there’ as well… (not pleasant though!!). Actually when I occasionally have a day or two without it it feels weird!

A few years ago I was in a shop with a wooden floor. I walked over to a huge chest-freezer and the vibration of the freezer was making the floor vibrate. I called my friend over and said ‘here… stand here… this is what I mean by vibrations. This is what it feels like’!

You might be better describing it to neuro as ‘buzzing’ as for some reason nobody seems to get ‘vibrations’… but you are right, it’s a much better description.

Sorry to say but I’ve never found anything that helps… but you get used to it, and luckily not painful.

Take care and hope this helps,

Pat x (by the way, it’s common with all types of MS. I’m not sure if common in other conditions)

Thanks Pat

When it 1st started it was in my hand and face, had to look to convince myself that I did not have a mobile phone in my hand! Your right I should try & explain as a ‘buzzing’. I find it hard to discribe things to doctors without sounding compleatly bonkers! Like you say it is very much like standing next to a vibrating machine, like washing machine.


My buzzing started in my feet and legs on 8th March - I remember because I’d just sat down exhausted after doing a year 11 parents evening and jumped up again exclaiming there was an earthquake!! It’s never gone away but varies in intensity, often accompanied by sharp prickles. Sometimes it spreads up into my pelvic area. I used to have the private parts buzzing but thankfully that has stopped however much fun it sounds it aint lol!!


Hi Deb

Yeah know what you mean novalty is wearing off abit now! I know it sounds a bit daft I just worry that others can ‘see’ me vibrating as if feels so real. Know what you mean by prickles too, feel like I am walking on hedgehogs…Not that I have ever walked on a hedgehog mind you.


I sometimes get buzzing in my feet and face, its un-nerving but as far as i know essentially harmless. hugs

Thats interesting. I have had this on and off for the last couple of years and never realised it was an MS thing! Oh well another thing to add to my ever growing list for the neuro!!

I also get a feeling like my trousers are made of brillo pads!! I recommend you all stick to denim!!!

Waa haa ha Nikki x I have got to laugh at the descriptions we all come up with when tryng to explain our mad symptoms!!! ‘Brillo pads in my trousers’ is a good one!!

My hubby was in stitches laughing the other day - I have a small muscle right by my bottom that is ‘fasciculating’ all the time - such an odd sensation - and very annoying!! in the middle of town I said to him through gritted teeth …'Ewww! My bunghole is fluttering!!" It just came out like that!! I’ve never seen him laugh so much!!xxxjenxxx

Thank you.

Jules thanks for the Hugs, get them MS one alot the one you sent was nicer! hug

Nikki I find it hard trying to discribe feelings to neuro…brillos in trousers is a good discription! I get spiky feet like I am walking on Hedgehogs…I have never walked on one tho! Latley trying to discribe this buzzing/vibrating was a challange and made me blush!

Kizzy it is hard to discribe feelings and sensations…I am always getting my words muddled, I have made up my own dialect. And some things I ahve said really make me chuckle.


Thanks for the nice hug back Polly :slight_smile: Glad mine was nicer than the MS one :slight_smile: