vibrating in nether regions??

Hi all,

I’ve not been on here in a long while - so hello and I hope you are all well.

This sounds hilarious and very naughty but it’s defo not!!

Basically, I’m wondering if any girlies have had this annoying sensation - It’s like I have my mobile phone sitting on my lap and it’s on vibrate. It’s at the mons pubis and not any further down (boo!!). It’s constant and regardless of sitting or standing it’s buzzing away! It’s not sore or painful just very, very annoying.

Can anyone advise me on this??



your ms nurse may be able to suggest something.

glad it’s not painful

carole x

hello. i am a human of the male persuasion and can report periods of ‘vibration’ in the trouser department! (you girls can’t have all the fun!)

it comes and goes and for a while it seemed to coincide with exercise; nothing strenuous; a brisk walk for five minutes could set it off.

occasionally it requires no provocation at all; sometimes it is post exercise; sometimes it is nonexistent.

for me, like my l’hermittes, it was a mild buzzing. nothing painful, but i could see how it might hurt if its severity were to increase a few notches.

although i can see how it might worry me if i were to let it, i acknowledged it merely as a reminder that i have something wrong with my nerves, that life could be much worse and that this little symptom has no significant impact on my life.

i would suspect this symptom will do for you as it did for me, bugger off after a time.

good luck and do not worry about it. it simply sounds like you might have MS.

Thanks for replying ladies

Jackie/Polar Bear - i don’t have the menstrual type pains or bleeding nor the bloating, however i did have the bloating up until last year. I changed my diet and removed bread and most milk based products and the pregnancy belly look i had disappeared - thankfully!

I just find this really weird but it could just be because of the location. I’m presuming that there are nerve endings in this area and that is why i’m experiencing this sensation there.

Pig Pen - I’ll mention it to my MS nurse when i see her in June, thanks.

Oh the joys of MS and the weird and wonderful symptoms.


Hi Paolo

Yes, it’s like a l’hermittes type sensation. Defo has to be MS related but my current nerve drugs - duloxetine/pregabilin - don’t seem to be acting against it.

I guess i should sitting with a smile on my face!

Thanks for you input.


When I go on bus rides I get vibrating in my bottom. I only do very short bus rides now and avoid sitting over the wheels. When the bus driver brakes the bus vibrates very badly. It makes sense I guess that with MS the nerves are sensitive so this might happen.

I bought myself an exercise bike and I get quite intense buzzing in the (as I put it to my OH) ‘naughty bits’. After years of cycling, I have never found a cure. Shame, as it’s rather distracting! You are not alone.