Ahem...buzzing sensation in nether regions???

Hmm, could a buzzing feeling “down there” aka lower abdomen aka pubic region be an ms symptom?? I know doctors have seen it all before, but its still embarassing to have to go and ask!

Buzzing anywhere can be an MS symptom. There’s no special significance to it being “down there”, rather than anywhere else, except that we find it more embarrassing to discuss, as you say. But you’re right there’s nothing they won’t have seen before.

Don’t worry, as it’s unlikely they’ll literally need to see it. The buzzing is not caused by anything being wrong with your pubic region per se, so there won’t be anything that needs examining. It’s caused by garbled nerve signals - most likely due to a spinal cord lesion - that your brain interprets as something going on “down below”, as it tries to make sense of whatever rubbish it gets.

I’ve had it before, but it’s not half as much fun as it sounds as if it should be, is it? Just a damn nuisance!

I’ve shouted: “Oh, do shut up!” at it before, but thankfully, not in public. Maybe shouting at your “intimate buzzes” when all alone is even madder - I’m not sure.


I had some buzzing/numbness in the L side of my nether region last year. My butt was so numb on that side it hurt to sit on that cheek to long - I had slouch or transfer to the other cheek which is quiet difficult when you work in a hospital. Funny looking back now its recovered but not so funny at the time.

As Tina put it though pins and needles can be a sign of MS regardless of where they are.

Hope it gets better - it really is a darn nuisance.



I also experience this , can feel either cold or hot and sometimes like a huge electric shock, though as Tina says its not as much fun as it should be :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes I can’t sit at all as it exaggerates the sensation… But not in a nice way, lol Ruby x

Thanks for that! We’re not talking buttocks here, we’re talking - well, front bottom, to be technical! It has stopped now, though, so no trip to doctor needed. Phew!

Ive mentioned this a post before. I also get this mainly at the end of my penis. It can be quite irritating. I would also say that you should make sure that is all it.

Yep I get it ‘down there’ as well. Really irritating! Luckily it doesn’t hang around for long.

Pat x

Yes I had that feeling for about 2-3 weeks after leaving hospital after my first bout of steroids? I didnt ask either as a little embarrassing but I guess it just made my husband enjoy our new diagnosis lol!

OMG I have been experiencing this too but far too embarrassed to mention it!..what exactly is it, its not very pleasant doesnt last long though thank goodness!!

i also get this on and off, only mildly, so not too much of a problem, just something elso to ‘mess with my head’ along with the other random symptoms