Fellas - buzzing in the buzzc*cks!

Hi Chaps (and chapesses)

Any other males get a strange feeling of buzzing down below? I know theres a few jokes about his but I have had this feeling a couple of times in the last few months. I can’t really explain what its like apart from a buzzing in the balls!

Its bloody anoying and normally affects the left fella, if you get my drift…theres no restriction of services at all, just a buzz, almost like electric shock

I had a slight buzzing in the old gentlemans vegetables a couple of years ago but it soon passed and there was no problem. Normal service was never affected so never had to be resumed. It has never returned and all cylinders are firing as usual. Hopefully it will be the same for you. Gary

Not exclusive to the blokes, I’m afraid - that is, obviously there are some bits the girls haven’t got, but doesn’t mean we can’t…ahem…get buzzing in the general area. And not at all as much fun as it sounds like it might be.

Usually associated with a spinal cord lesion - that’s what caused mine, anyway - along with complete loss of sensation in my feet. Most bits in-between were OK’ish, oddly enough. Don’t quite understand why it didn’t interfere with all points South - only some of them. Anyway, went away again after a while - i.e. when I went into remission. I still get the odd slight reminder, but only very faint and fleeting. Either that, or I’ve just got used to it now, and don’t notice it any more.


Yep anon - recently, I have been getting this as well - seems to be another MS tingling in the nuts…

I get buzzing but not in the vaginal area although I do have numbness there. I also have spinal cord lesions which may be what’s causing the numbness. I must say I really enjoyed reading about your buzzing nuts…sorry!! xxx