Buzzy bits!

I’m very ‘buzzy’ today, particularly to the left of my lady parts!!!

Anybody else get buzzy in odd places???

Oh yeah!

Weird, isn’t it?!

Karen x

Yes me too. Not as much as I used to but still get it from time to time.


This is a recent development for me but in my left foot during the evening! Teresa xx


And yes I have had this this week a ‘new’ experiance for me…felt like I was sat on a washing machine sort of, not that I sit on washing machines all that often!

Yes and sometimes can’t help my confused reaction when it does. Very strange! I have gabapentin for this but it does not always stop it. Particularly if I have been energetic.

lol, that’s made me literally laugh out loud!

i have had constant buzzing/vibrating/feeling a little bit like im being electricuted slightly (!) feeling in my legs, feet and one of my hands and bottom of my spine. when i move my head a certain way it shoots from the bottom of my spine up to my head. its so strange. when i walk for about ten minutes its spreads up my legs and erm inbetween my legs starts buzzing…but then goes numb! its not nice at all and it so soooo annoying!

from a fellow buzzer :slight_smile: hope it gets better for you!-x-

I’m constantly buzzing lol, but it’s funny I saw your post and giggled as I’ve had butterfly’s down below all evening. Very odd feeling to have there indeed.

I use to get very buzzy legs and down my spine. I told my neuro years ago I had buzzing at the base of my spain. : )

I also use to get woken up on a morning with my whole body buzzing. It was like having an internal alarm clock.