Weird symptoms, or going mad!

I hope you are all as well as can be, and are having a share of this beautiful weather.

I’ve got a new symptom that’s a bit weird (like they all are!!) At the back of my head I’m getting a really strong buzzing sensation. It’s like having a bee stuck in my head! It covers an area about the size of a ten pence piece.

Due to a lot of stress at work it’s not yeat clear if I’m having a relapse, or if it is just a reaction to the stress. Spoke to my ms nurse last week about other new symptoms including really painful shoulders. We decided to wait and see if it improves on its own. I don’t really want to bother him again until I wait but wasn’t having this buzzing last week.

My question is this, does anyone else get this weird buzzing sensation? Or is it time for me to start wearing a smart white jacket in a padded room!!

Freckles x

Saw your post had slipped down to page 2, so thought a bump might bring other replies.

The buzzing could be down to all the stress.

I doubt very much that you are going mad hun!


I had a similar thing with my hearing a few months ago, like there was always a washing machine running a room away. Similar?

i get a sensation like this in my legs, it seems to last for days and then stops for a while, it feels like a humming fridge and drives me mad. when i’ve taken baclofen, for muscle spasm, it seems to lessen the buzzing. my neurologist just shrugged and said that the nervous system was peculiar and sometimes threw out strange symptoms. sorry i can’t be more help, maybe we’ll meet near our respective padded cells.

wendy x

I get the buzzing if I have been walking briskly then stop, in my buttocks, undercarriage and upper legs. Luckily it doesn’t last long, (and isn’t entirely unpleasant :wink: or it would be very annoying. Best wishes, Sue x

Ive had that buzzing down my spine on more than one occasion. Its like someone is drilling my spine only from an invisible drill, sounds weird but it is. Im sure you can get it almost anywhere. I know someone who gets that feeling in her private parts wont tell you what she calls it as I would be banned off here.

I would mention it to your ms nurse and just get her to mark it down as a symptom. Dont think there is any medication to take other than amytrptiline which may calm your system down a wee bit.

I hope it soon goes, aint it wonderful this weird ms and its manifestations eh.



I have this in my legs more or less all of the time. It especially irritates me on a night in bed when I’m trying to get to sleep. I get it in my spine sometimes, and also one one side of my face. Can be pretty uncomfortable. It’s one of those things when described to a none MSer you know just sounds ridiculous. ‘How are you?’ ‘Yeah great, one half of my face is buzzing like an old fridge’ Just seems absurd even to me as I write it down.

I get buzzing in my legs and feet x

Thanks all for replying

isn’t the human body a strange thing, the way it copes with stress!

Adding on these weird and wacky ms symptoms, is enough to make even the most sane person think they’ve lost the plot! I’m sure I used to be quite sensible!

Freckles xxx

Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile: I’ve had MS for 10 years, but only recently started coming on here. It’s a breath of fresh air. It makes me smile just to know there are other people out there who are the same as Me!

I’ve had SPMS for 28 years and retired at 60; three years ago. Doctors never prescribed anything to allevaite the symptoms.

What do other SPMS people take if anything apart from gin, whiskey, vodka etc LOL