Weird feeling in head,top of nose and just above eyebrows, freaking me out!

It’s like a poppy/pulsey/tremor/tingle! It’s been around almost since the start of my symptoms and doesn’t seem to lead to anything else. It doesn’t hurt, and I’d forgotten about it until it started to come back quite a lot yesterday, along with vibrations in my left foot. I didn’t think they bothered me anywhere near as much as the others but they’ve got quite constant in the last few days, and starting to worry me! i think vibrations are a usual symptom? It got worse with the heat, but I don’t thinkk weird head thing comes under any list, has anyone else had it? Sorry its such a vague description, best i can do, its so weird!

Yep thats the joy of HMS ms…we have to develop the art of explaining in indescribable…and then the other folk (the so called normals!!!) look at us like we are mad…neuros inc.

In a while you will be flooded with strange feelings and experiences that only us special people understand.


Hi Jules,

Yes, I get something silmiliar…although It’s not there all the time. I get a feeling on my left eyebrow, the top or back of my head too, although something/someone is touching me there… I’ve also had the feeling like I’ve wet myself!..!

Oh and the buzzing,lets not forget that…just like someones put a mobile on my foot. Now that the GP has given me something the buzzings not too bad…still got all the other stuff though.

So, you’re not alone with your freaky sensations!.


ahh good to know im not the only one with that one! x