Strong pulse ! Anyone else experienced this ?

Hi all Well I just wondered if anyone had experienced this I get what I can only describe as a really strong pulse feeling in back of my head , hands and feet as well as the usual tingling and pins n needles ? It’s a very odd feeling and just curious as to anyone else who may have experienced it ? Xx


I get this on occasions, always when I have heart palpitations but sometimes on its own without heart palpitations. Wish I had an answer as to why it happens or some sort of help but unfortunately not :frowning: I notice that it happens when I am having a relapse or am particularly stressed out so wonder if its just to do with stress?

Do you notice any particular times when it happens or is it just random for you?



It’s seems to be there most of the time but more noticeable in my head when I go to bed prob because I’m still n it’s quite that I notice it more … It’s very odd isn’t it Xx

Hmm… it is very strange!

I currently have a feelings in my fingertips that feels like they have been severly burnt and it seems so much worse of a nighttime because I am lying still and no concentrating on anything.

If you notice it most of the time, wondering whether its worth pointing out to your MS nurse/neurologist? Or if you have already done so - what did they say about it?



Don’t have a nurse as not yet dx although think I may be shortly …due to see my neuro on the 6th august so will ask him about it then Thanks for your replies Xx

Ah sorry I didn’t realise you didn’t have dx. I think it is worth giving a copy of list of all symptoms you have to your neuro to help as much as possible

Good luck!



Yeah gave him my previous ones last time but have a few new ones to add when I see him next Thanks again xx