Me again!!

Hi Guys

Hope you are all ok today? Just wondered if anyone suffers from palpations? Is it the MS or anxiety, I am trying to stay positive but have had a very rough 2 days (beginning to think my PMA stands for permanent misery ar*e!!!) so wondered if they had been brought on by that? Scared witless that being upset with cause more attacks.

Someone also suggested to get treatment quicker I should pay to see ms neuro as I it just seems like dx was last week and then it was bye see you around.

Hope you can helpxx

Bev Palpitations could be anxiety. You are going thru tons of different emotions with the dx and lots of what ifs. It’s going to cause loads of different feelings of ‘could it be ms’. i remember thinking every weird feeling was ms including headaches & eye strain. Did dr hassan mention an ms nurse referral. This is the usual course after dx. They are very busy and could take a little while. I not sure a private referral is the way to go. The referrals aren"t cheap and the dx is already there. Dr ford or lily will probably be the ms neuro you will see. Can you see your gp to approach the ms nurse at Seacroft? There is normally a clinic on Wednesdays. Things could take longer than you like. It’s not ideal. Try to get plenty of rest, it may be want you need. You will get days where things feel sh$t, then days where things seem so much better without any obvious reason. It’s getting an understanding of this illness and understanding and dealing with the blips. Take care of yourself Neil


I know exactly how you are feeling as my journey was very similar.

I saw the neuro and had dx in the Feb and it was May before I saw or heard anything else.

This time is where this forum will become a life line.

The nhs wheels are turning but its all very slow,I didn’t have a ms nurse number and felt I had just gone from one kind of limbo to another.

Now is probably a good time to visit your gp anyway,you can discuss your dx,find out if they know anything about it (non of mine do )

and talk about how you are coping/palpatations etc.

If you have already had your dx I also see little point of paying to see another. What was it that you feel you needed to see someone about? Most of your questions can be answered for free on here.?

Did the neuro mention dmds or tell you how long before he will see you again?

Sorry thats alot of questions!!!


Hi Guys

Thank you, you have helped put it into perspective!! I am impatient (and a control freak) by nature and I just need to feel that something is happening.

An MS nurse has been discussed but again it was just a case of you’re in the system, a course of steroids and then DMDs was briefly mentioned, I know I am wittering but I think it is the not knowing.

Thanks for helping keep me sane xx