Breathlessness and fast heart??

Does anyone else have this?? Over the last few months I have been getting short bursts of heart palpitations (feels like my heart is trying to jump out of my neck!! and makes me feel quite sick), my heart rate goes a lot quicker too and I get out breath very quickly doing very minimal things. Curious to know if it a common problem in PWMS or this could be something different?

I’m seeing my GP on thursday to ask but thought I’d ask the ‘experts’ before I see the Dr (I’m saying experts as most people with MS do know a lot more than most GP’s!!! Shocking but true!!)

It is worrying me a bit. If it’s a common thing with MS, then I’ll know just to get used to it, but I am worried if I am developing a heart/lung problem too!!


Jules x

Its quite worrying with your post on EL aswell that you are out of breath on exertion,which I take is something new or you wouldnt of mentioned it.

Not all things are ms related so I’m amazed that you arent seeking medical advice sooner.

I really hope you get it sorted soon and take care of yourself in the meantime.


I get this too. I saw a cardiologist in late 2009 - my heart was deemed nice and healthy so I just put it down as my MS (anything unexplained gets that label!) and something to live with. Saw my neuro recently and he says I need to see the cardiologist again - he thinks I might have paroxysmal tachycardia and that the tests missed it. Thankfully paroxysmal tachycardia isn’t something that’s dangerous normally, but I’d rather be sure that’s what it is, just in case, so will be nagging my GP to get me re-referred.

You should definitely get yours checked out too - it could be nothing to worry about, but it’s not worth the risk of ignoring anything about the heart!

Karen x

I’m with pip I would go to he doctors as soon as you can. It could be nothing, I was getting really breathless when doing the slightest of things and it turned out I was anaemic. Hope your ok Xx

Thanks Guys…

Seeing GP on thursday so hopefully I will get somewhere…

Pip, I think As the heart thign happened and passed so quickly when I didn’t have it I sort of shoved it out of my head (silly I know!) But the breathlessness things has gotten a lot worse over the last 2 weeks which has prompted me to see GP.

Karen, thats interesting! It’s strange that we (and/or) doctors assume any new ailment is onnected to the MS… easy to do I supose, but I understand the need to get it checked just in case!! Good luck with your new referral!

Nikkinakkinoo, I supose there are a lot of conditions that can cause breathlessness… I knwo mine is npt right so there is something… Hope you got your annemia sorted out


I have very similar and had it for many years.

I describe my heart punding so hard like a cartoom heart coming out of the chest.It beats hard,painfully and slow,I get out of breath.But this can happen when I am sitting down.I could of been resting all day and it can still happen.