Is this MS?

Hello everyone! I hope everything is as good as it can be on ure side x

I was wondering if anyone knows about this.

I get very breathless when I move, is this MS or could this be something else? I have had this for along time now and I always put it down to other things such as MS.


Hi Moogle Star,

MS can affect breathing, yes - you should mention this to your neuro or neuro physio, if you have one.

However, it might be something as simple as the exertion of moving being greater, so it’s not actually that there’s anything wrong with your breathing, as such.

I find I get sweaty and out-of-puff really quickly (just come back from a walk, so feeling it right now!) I think stuff is just harder, so signs of effort show earlier.


I went shopping yesterday, quite bravely on my own, then came home breathless and shaking. Id obviously done too much and used up too much brain power. I was totally exhausted.

Ive found that when fatigue is there most of the time, we are very limited to what we can do. If we overdo things (which we dont normally know when that happens) then we have to pay for it by resting up to try recover.

If at all worried, go see gp and explain why your worried.

best wishes



Hi, have you got a diagnosis of MS? This breathing problem could be MS or something else. best see your GP, eh?

luv Pollx

Yea I will get this checked out by a GP thanks everyone. I would say it is MS but not sure if it would caurse an achy heart with the breathlessness :frowning:

Yes I have had MS for 9 years now