Breathing thingy?

Hi I’ve been waiting 3 months for a answer if I have ms or not, still waiting on the results of a MRI with contrast. It’s driving me nuts waiting… I feel so awful tired burning, funny vision. Headache list goes on… The worse thing is I have some weird breathing thing going on… It’s like someone is pushing down on me on the middle of the top of belly under ribs bit, I then have take deep breath to release the feeling… I keep doing it it’s driving me mad. Everyone has notice I keep doing it… Anyone else gave this and know what it is?? Thank u.

Hi Kirsten It sounds like it may be similar to the ‘MS hug’ which some people experience. If you type this into the search facility on this website, it should give you some more info, or alternatively I think there have been a few current posts in the Everyday Living section I hope you receive an answer to your MRI soon - 3 months is a long time in limboland! Best wishes Jane xx

Yes jane it is, is this how long it takes to find out if I have ms? Thanks I’ll have a look. It’s been like this since July doctor says stress, I’m not so sure, wondered if anyone else gets it?

Hi Kirsten - do you have pain with it? I’ve noticed if I’m stressed or anxious I have this. It’s because unconsciously my breathing is very shallow. It’s almost as if I’m trying to make myself as small as possible so no one will notice me and ask me for anything! So every so often I have to take a deep breath - like a sigh almost. That is stress, not ms hug. I’ve had both! The latter feels like I’m having a heart attack, the former like I’m fed up and sighing a lot. Does any of that sound familiar?

Yes it’s like a sigh. But I’m doing it a lot if I get stressed it comes on more and when I get tired which is most of the day… I’m stressing that I still don’t know if I gave ms or not. Having 3 kids to look after as well as being I’ll is hard work, as most mums will know… I do get pain in left side which doubles me up not nice at all…