Anyone else have this?

Last night, and I’ve had this many times before, it can be hard to breathe. Like it’s an effort to get a breath in. I know I had the ‘hug’, but also it felt like the tissue between the ribs was painful. Today it’s eased off. But my husband even noticed I was struggling. Of course,I won’t go to the hospital unless I’m bleeding from the ears or something…my GP knows I won’t go unless it’s a life threat lol. I’m wondering if anyone else gets this? Xx

Hi Beverly

I don’t really find it hard to breathe in but I am forever wanting to take a deep breath. I too get the ‘hug’…why it’s called the hug is quite beyond me…it feels more like being held in a vice to me.

Yesterday, I had a lot of pain in my spine, just where my bra strap fastens and pain in my sternum. Today it doesn’t feel as bad, I’m happy to say. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s to do with arthritis or MS that’s the problem for me and I’m past trying to work it out

Like you Beverly, there is no way I’m going to hospital. Not the one local to me…I put more faith in my vet


Hi Beverley, I suffer exactly as you have described. According to my gp there is nothing wrong with my breathing but without realising it I am taking shallow breaths in order not to cause my self more pain. His advice for what it is worth is to lie down, try to relax and take in some deep breaths. It seems to work so maybe you could give it a try. The tissue between the ribs is the intercostal muscles being inflamed. Ann

Ooh right, thanks :slight_smile: I will give it a go but just taking in a normal breath when it plays up is hard enough. I will try it xx Blossom- I know, I’m the same ! Think if it was left to the vet I would be sorted by now :wink: xx

The other day after eating a snack I had excruciating pain in my stomache on both sides was worse pain I’ve had in along time hurts so bad I had to lie down for a short while eventually it passed thank god never had pain like that since I was 19 I’m ok now but it was so sore.

Not sure fomr your description if it is the same but I have had several periods where I feel breathless - or as you say I struggle to get a breath in. Had tests at docs before, but nothing really showed. However mine is painless when it happens, so may well be something different…

Leah :slight_smile:

Thanks gals, it’s just one of my MS thingies then :s I am trying to take deeper breaths now and then to get the chest muscles working a bit. Xx