Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been on, anyway, I could do with some advice please, I like a lot of others suffer with the MS hug, I also get spasticity, for this I take Baclofen, when I get the hug, which is right in the middle of my chest I struggle to get a deep breath, so spend a lot of time swallow breathing, this has knock on effects, ie lightness to the head because I don’t feel like I’m getting enough oxygen, feeling unbalanced, more than normal, does it affect anyone else like this, and if so what advice can you give to me, I’ve all the tests done to make sure there’s nothing else wrong, and there all clear, take care, Jean x :?:

Hi Jean Not sure if this will help you, but I was told to breath in and out slowly into a paper bag. Same sort of thing you would do if you were having a panic attack. Anyway what it does for me is, it seems to slow my breathing and makes me more relaxed, doesn’t actually do anything for the pain, just makes breathing through it easier. Hope this helps, take care Pam

Hi Jean, I get that too, only recently found out that its called the ms hug, thanks to the very kind people on here answering all my questions. mine starts right in the middle of my chest but goes around my ribs a bit too. the first time I thought I was having a heart attack!! It makes me choke and gag and I cant catch my breath. the last time this happened my husband was with me and it comes on like a bolt out of the blue!! my husband just massaged my back and ribs and this seemed to help me to calm down. I don’t have any medication at the moment as my doctor wont prescribe anything other than amitriptyline… he says I have to wait until I see the neuro doc!! Amanda xx

I too have had this but only realised it was the ‘MS hug’ after reading this post :o . It feels like my chest is tight and I can’t breath deeply enough to take a proper breath. I have had two bad attacks of this which panicked me, I ended up sitting on the front doorstep at 1 a.m. in the morning trying to breath some fresh air :frowning: My husband thought it may have been an asthma attack - I don’t suffer with asthma - but after reading this I now realise what it was. I have also had some minor attacks and find that trying to relax and take shallower breaths helps, and it passes in time. Maybe I will mention it to my consultant who I’m due to see in a couple of weeks. He may suggest something to help :idea: Glad I’ve read this, it explains a lot. Lynne