Hi all I was wondering if anyone has had a relapse consisting of heart palpitations? I’ve had them for around two weeks now. I was getting them about 5 times a day and am now having about 20. Anybody had the same? Thanks, Emma

Emma, have you been to the doc? Best to get this checked out as they’re getting worse, because it’s easy to assume everything is MS related, but we get other conditions too. I get them sometimes but it’s nothing to do with MS.


i had something like this yrs ago,went to the Dr, turned out to a stress thing! which made sence, given my position at the time, & nothing to do with M/S!! ya gotta go see the Dr, we can tend to blame alsorts on m/s

take care Julien,

Hi Emma

Yes. I get them too. Mine is to do with the menopause though.

I checked mine out with my GP and she said don’t worry uness you have pain at the same time which I don’t.

Best to get them checked though. Try not to worry though as it will make them worse.

I have heard that the heart is not controlled by our brain so MS does not affect the heart beat as it has it’s own inner nerves to deal with that.

Let us know how you get on.

Shazzie x