Sensation like palpitations...

Hi, for the last couple of days I keep getting a sort of fluttering in my chest which feels like palpitations but I’m assuming it’s not because I don’t feel dizzy or faint. I wondered if anyone else has something similar and if there’s anything that can be done about it? I’m guessing that it’s some sort of nerve spasm in my chest. Starting to be really wearing and irritating more than anything else. I’m not on any medication so it’s not a side effect. Many thanks Becky x

Hi Becky

Yes I used to get this all the time and still do from time to time. Try not to worry just take deep breaths. In through the nose slowly then out through the mouth slowly.

I went to my GP and she arranged an ECG and blood tests and everything came back fine. I mentioned it to my neuro and he said it is an internal muscle spasm. Mine was and is always worse when I lie down to go to bed and I was told that this is because the messages to tell my body to relax weren’t getting through fast enough and confusing things.

It is really frightening. I used to think I was gonna be getting chest pain but it never came.

Try not to worry but it might be worth mentioning it to your GP to get peace of mind and I bet it will get better then.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

I have this at times. It’s like someone’s just taken my breath away. It does resolve after a couple of minutes but it’s not nice feeling like someone’s sat on your chest. Mine seems to start when I’m sat up x

I’ve noticed the same thing recently. It only seems to be when I’m in bed so thanks for the explanation Shazzie. I hadn’t linked it to the MS and thought it was stress related so one less thing to wory about.


Glad I could help a bit. It used to really frighten me but my neuro and MS nurse put my mind at rest.

If our messages are having trouble getting through and we are resting after a busy day our system is still working at the same rate as the message to slow down hasn’t reached the part that it should have reached. Just deep breath til it has caught up with itself. Not worrying about it really helps too.

It might be stress related Jen. Same thing I suppose. If we are stressed our system is on overload and when we try and relax it is still working hard.

Take care of yourselves and don’t worry.

Shazzie xx

I have something similar too, and usually when I am lying down in bed. I would describe it as a small tremor or feeling like lots of fizzing champagne bubbles popping in my chest…chance would be a fine thing eh! : ) Mish x

Thanks, it’s good to know I’m not alone! I have been doing a lot recently so maybe the messages are having trouble getting through, bad as the Royal Mail! Becky xxx

I get that too but when I check my pulse its normal. Gp checked it a few years ago as I also would get a sharp pain in my chest to breathe but couldn’t find a cause. A xx

It looks as if it is quite common with MS. I wish they would have warned my at d/x. Would have saved a lot of anxiety but I don’t suppose they can warn about every symptom we may or may not get eh?

Shazzie xx

I suffered from sinus tachycardia for a few months last year. I am not dx so find this very interesting. At the same time as the sinus tachycardia, I also had issues with my breathing (a friend suggested it could be the hug). Anyway, both of these things have settled down and haven’t bothered me since Jan.
Angela x

And if I remember correctly, Karen (Rizzo) has Sinus tachycardia too and her neuro said it was ms related. Have also read other posts where the neuro has said it isn’t. Confusing eh!

A x

Oh thank god! I’ve been having these & was thinking I was having some kind of heart episode! … I love being back on here :heart: makes me feel so much less alone x