Does anyone get heart palpitations?

Ive bin experiencing heart palpitations everyday for 6 months have had two ecg scans and my heart is healthy the docs say its down to stress and anxiety, also get these weird twitching sensations all over my body? Hopefully someone can help as i feel im going mad haha :frowning:


Yes I have had flutterings in my chest for a few years now. Same as you tests proved negative so even though they are really frightening when you know that it is not your heart then that helps.

I used to find mine was worse when I was trying to get off to sleep after a busy day. I mentioned it to my MS Nurse and she said that it was because the messages I was sending to stop and sleep were taking longer than they should to get to the right place so my body wanted to carry on until the messages caught up. Hope this makes sense.

Shazzie xxx

Hi Lee, are you on any med’s?

The twitching could certainly be helped by med’s and could also calm you down so that the palpatations lessen. Amitriptyline could be a help.

Are you sure they are palpatations? I also get the fluttering that Shazzie says in her post, but if I feel my pulse it is normal… so it is a sense of palpatations but actually the heart is beating normally. It is an internal tremor that is an MS symptom.

Anyway, talk to your GP about med’s that can help.

Good luck,

Pat x

I suffer with anxiety. I don’t have it all the time - it comes and goes. I have had bad palpitations with this and so strong that i’ve thought im having a heart attack. I was told they were panic attacks. It is very distressing.

I know you can take meds for this but i decided not to. I never thought a panic attack could be so scary!

Could it be possible that this is what you are experiencing?


I have “inappropriate sinus tachycardia” which is basically that my heart is healthy and beats normally, but occasionally and for no apparent reason, it beats far too fast. For example, I’ll just be sitting watching the telly and my heart rate will suddenly go up to 140 or even more. (I’m on meds for it now and they have helped a lot.)

As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with the heart in this kind of thing and it’s not life-threatening. It’s probably caused by a wonky input from the vagus nerve and therefore it could be due to MS. (Btw, the vagus nerve also inputs to the digestive system so it’s not uncommon for people to have problems with that aswell as tachycardia. It’s one of the reasons that a lot of MSers get diagnosed with IBS.)

Quick ECGs aren’t much good for catching random, short episodes. Have you worn a 24 hour tape? If they can catch it, they can tell you what’s going on.

You could always monitor it yourself if the GP isn’t helpful: when it happens, take your pulse. Is it regular? How many beats per minute? Any other symptoms at the same time (e.g. dizziness)? Keep a diary and show the GP.

Karen x

Hi I suffered from awful palpitations and all over twitches last year while going through scans and tests but they eventually passed once the anxiety lessened hopefully it’ll be the same with you…once you feel less anxious they might get better…Emma