Heart problems

Hi everyone , i woke up the other day to a really fast heart rate, it scared me a little, since then my anxiety has been up and down…has anyone else experienced any similar problems

Hi there. I used to get that when I had a very overactive thyroid. A blood test can confirm if that might be a possibility.


Hello Loulaird

Me too. Palpitations, scared the life out of me before the overactive thyroid was diagnosed. I think Val and I might be the same - the cure for the o/active thyroid caused an underactive thyroid. Much easier to deal with.

Mind you, a while back I thought I was having palpitations when I laid in bed at night, checked my pulse rate (got a pulse/oxygen reader for a few quid from Amazon!) and it was fine. Eventually I realised it wasn’t my heart racing, it was tremors, from deep inside me, so I thought I could feel my heart racing & chest shaking but actually it was a tremor. I started taking Cloneazepam and that sorted it.


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If your worried have a chat with your doctor. have you started new tablets. sometimes i get this when i get too hot. once i cool down in bed i feel better. it can be down to anxiety or dreams too. but get it checked if your not sure. x

Had this three times this year.

Felt a “bit odd”, checked BP (OK) and pulse 135 (my norm is 60-64) and rang surgery. They advised phoning 999 NOW - and then I got a ride in the big yellow taxi with the blue lights and the funny horn to the district hospital
Then I got another ride to the big city hospital (mild heart attack suspected) who gave me an angiogram and thought it was a clot in the main outlet from the heart.

The next two only got me as far as the district hospital, but I am now on a beta-blocker to slow the heart-rate down, and it has not happened since.

Could have been a change in medication - and this may have affected my white cell count which is now low. I see lots of blood tests on the horizon.


talk to your doctor. It will help determine the cause