Update on Earlier Post re Menopausal Symptoms

Hiya my maties. (ooooo errrr I sound like a pirate).

Thought I would update you.

I only had the racing pounding heart once. It hasn’t happened since the 22nd Dec so that’s a big relief.

I hope your racing heart has settled down too J. It was really frightening.

I am a dab hand now at the breathing exercises Wendy. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

Thanks too to Noreen and Linda for your advice. It’s amazing how a bit of reassurance relaxes you.

I have an appt at my GPs on Mon but I am sure it is the menopause. My mum said she had it badly when she was going through hers so I am probably following in her footsteps.

Shazzie xx

Hello Shazzie

If it only hapened the once, its probably nothing to be concerned about. See what doc says on monday…is your Bp ok?

Ps; I’m loving the horizontol lines…got headache and finding it very comfortable to read

Hi Noreen.

You poor thing. Horizontal lines are always good when we’ve got headaches eh?

Not sure how my blood pressure is. Last had it checked about a year ago and she said it was fine but will ask her to check it again on Monday.

I have cut my HRT patches in half so whether that has helped. I read up on HRT on the web and it did say that you can experience rapid heart beat when on it. If the GP thinks it is anything to do with HRT I will just come off it I think.

Take care Noreen.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie Hope appointment with GP goes ok on Monday… I have appt on 15th to discuss these awful flushes etc with GP! No doubt she will give me HRT! Happy New Year!! Linda x

You do know I meant what I said about the lines Shazzie…they were much better on my eyes…I’m wondering how you did it?

Good luck with the appointment on monday. Let us know the outcome

Sleep well



To be honest I didn’t really understand about the lines. Have I been clever without knowing it?!! Hehehehe!

Good luck on the 15th Linda. Pain we have to wait so long for appts though.

I’ll let you both know how it goes on Monday.

Sleep well.

Shazzie xxx

[quote=linda_l]Hi Shazzie Hope appointment with GP goes ok on Monday… I have appt on 15th to discuss these awful flushes etc with GP! No doubt she will give me HRT! Happy New Year!! Linda x[quote]

sage drops are good for hot flushes,it helped with mine,i used to get them evey 10 minutes or so,for weeks on end,i only get the odd one now,thank goodness.

I started Escitalopram last year and it helped a lot with the flushes. I also found that they hurt - my thighs and wrists would ache with each one.

I had a flush/racing heart/panicky feeling in the consulting room at an endocrinology appointment and my BP had shot up. She told me to take 20mg instead of 10mg and this seems to have helped a lot.

I couldn’t take the pill and I’m wary of HRT, as I’ve already had a stroke (thanks body!). The menopause sucks, that’s for sure but at least I don’t even have periods as I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago, due to a prolapsed uterus.

I hope you get some help. Sage helped me as well.


Thanks mrs_j I take a sage tablet every day. Doesn’t seem to be helping me though!! Will see what GP has to say!!! Linda x

Hello you! Not seen your name on here for a good while…or have I missed it?

How`s life in Northern Spain? Have you had any of the severe gales going around the world?

Be good to hear from you again.

luv Pollx

Really sorry you have been suffering too. You are right the menopause does suck.

The racing heart thing only happened once but it was really frightening. I’m beginning to wonder whether it is something to do with blood pressure because I read on the web that HRT can cause blood pressure to rise. Makes you wonder whether it is worth it or not.

Thanks for replying and good luck.

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll - yes, we’ve had horrible gales. It’s a bit unfortunate that our bedroom windows face the south-west, as that’s where most of the gales are coming from. The windows are floor-to-ceiling, but reinforced, thank goodness! We still lie awake on those nights.

The good thing is that finally we have a roof with no holes in it. Now all we have do is get wiring upstairs and start living there and stop pretending it doesn’t exist!

I’m stable and happy and hope to start teaching music this year. I had a relapse last year and the MRI showed evidence of a stroke. Ho, hum. Citalopram has lowered my anxiety and panic, so less risk of more events.

Happy New Year to you and everyone else xxxx

Just got back from GP and all ok (fingers crossed).

She said that she is sure I had a little panic attack. My blood pressure was ok 143/76.

She just said to use relaxation breathing exercises if it happens again. Hopefully it won’t.

Thanks again for all you lovely people who took the time to reassure/advise me when I was so afraid.

Shazzie xx