HRT/Menopause and Worsening MS Symptoms

Hiya, hope you are all doing ok today.

I started HRT about a month ago as I have hit the dreaded menopause. The HRT have helped the palpitations and other symptoms of the menopause but I have noticed my MS symptoms have got much worse since starting them. Nothing new, just an increase in the same stuff, fatigue, Optic Neuritis, leg cramps and heavy legs.

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed the above when taking HRT.

Thanks up front for any help. (I look like this face most of the time now because of the horrible hot flushes).

Shazzie xx

Oh Shazzie I’m hoping to start HRT very soon as I’ve had enough of these hot flushes. I hope my symptoms won’t worsen otherwise I will be bed bound!! I will let you know how I feel once I get started. In the meantime I’m sure someone will be along to give you their experiences!! Keep the fan handy eh?? Linda x

Thanks so much for your reply Linda.

It’s a nightmare isn’t it? I am getting over a cold so I am hoping it is that. I have also heard that the menopause can increase the symptoms so maybe nothing to do with the HRT. I hope I haven’t put you off because I feel so much better on te HRT patches than I did before. The menopausal symptoms are much better.

I hope you get on ok with the HRT. I am sure you will be fine.

I’ll let you know how I go on.

Take care.

Shazzie xx


l took Livial HRT for years with no problem. Now l use Estriol cream - which l ‘rub in’ tum/chest/thighs. Dong Quai is a good ‘natural’ hrt. lts finding one that suits you. Amongst my friends, l notice many of them have ‘trial and error’ before finding one that suits. l was fortunate, in the first one l tried was suitable.

l still have a ‘healthy glow’ though. But then l am out everyday battling the weather conditions - with my dogs. l now have a new addition from a British charity trying to help dogs in Romania. She is from the Brasov Mountains - found at 3weeks old with her sisters. She will be shepherd size. Now only 22 weeks. Beautiful long nose - and blonde soft wavy coat - no tail. Her name is Bliss. My two rotties love her - even though she is very bossy with them. She sits on my scooter when we go out - tears around the fields when we get there - then hops back onto the scooter to come home. At least she keeps my legs/feet warm.

Hello Shazzie

I never took HRT myself but just want you know, you have my sympathy. I’ve come out, the other side of the menopause now…thank the lord



Your new baby sounds beautiful. Like you, Charlie keeps me busy and as you do yours I absolutely adore him. My cheeks are always red now. Not sure if it is the hot flushes or Charlie cuddling up to me.

I agree with what you say about finding the right HRT. I am sure I want to stay on it as the palpitations were really frightening but might try another type if the MS symptoms don’t settle down.

Thanks soooo much for your advice. I really appreciate it. Give you little babes a hug from me (((hugs)))

Shazzie xx

Thanks Noreen. I really appreciate your kindness as always.

It is really horrible going through the menopause but hopefully it won’t last too long.

How long did yours last?

Shazzie xx

As I understand it Shazzie. I think we women, are classed has being in the menopause, when we have gone One year without a period. My year was up, when I was 55…I’m nearly 58 and my hot flushes stopped a while ago now. Can’t say when exactly it…it wasn’t an overnight thing. I don’t feel like stripping off in shops anymore

I do recall being in the peri-menopausal stage from being about 50…my husband would probably say before that

We are all different though Shazzie. Some women, sail through the menopause and to honest, mine wasn’t really that bad, compared to some of the stories some of my friends and past work colleagues have shared with me.

Hopefully, you will be fine.

Sounds like my journey so far Noreen.

I am 53 now and I reckon the perimenopause started at around aged 50. Didn’t have a period from Sept 2012 to Aug 2013 ten they started again for a year (had tests and all ok so gp said was menopause) then stopped again in Oct this year. Then all the palpitations, hot flushes started.

I was in Asda this morning with hubby and had to stop to fan myself with a magazine so know what you mean about feeling like stripping off (best not t though, I wouldn’t have wanted to empty Asda) Might have to increase my patch from a half to a whole one if they don’t settle.

Shazzie xx

I have read stuff suggesting that estrogens have a protective effect on myelin. I saw a gynaecologist to talk about this and he said he puts all his MS patients on HRT because of this. Doesn’t explain your experience …

Hi Shazzie My doc suggested the patches so I may give her a ring to ask for script. Good to hear that they have helped with the flushes…we have enough to contend with, with MS!!! As you say maybe your cold isn’t helping things at mo… Glad you didn’t strip off in Asda the magazine fan a far better option eh??? Linda x

Ladies - Do google MS and Estriol - lots of good info - especially Science Daily. Estriol is a hormone present when pregnant - it acts on the immune system to prevent it from rejecting the foetus. lt protects the myelin especially in the brain.

So its not just for menopausal women - and is also very safe.

Hi Sewingchick and thanks for your reply. Interesting about the HRT being given to MSers. I reckon mine must either be down to a relapse or the cold that I am just getting over. Just a coincidence that I have just started HRT I reckon. Good news for you too eh Linda. Patches are really easy to use.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks Jen for your hugs. I feel better now.

I’ll google Estriol Fran. Thanks for the info.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie, I was just reading the posts regarding the menopause, I am 56 and started Evorel Sequi March 2013 (HRT patches) mainly due to hot flushes keeping me awake at night, making me more fatigued, tearful and feeling under the weather I was peri menopausal aged 50 and getting a period every six months which i could deal with until the hot flushes started, They have helped me a great deal, the flushes stopped within 2 weeks and the tears have dried up too and I seem to have a little more energy., When I saw my neurologist in January, he said they would help with the fatigue, however I decided to try and come off them 3 weeks ago as I was fed up getting the withdrawl bleed every 3 weeks. I have felt more tired than usual and every joint aches! so today i have restarted them hoping to feel as well I did while on them. I am not worried about the reports of what could happen as i felt so much better on them and as said before MS is enough to deal with, Hope this helps and you feel better soon. Bev x

Hi Bev.

I know what you mean about feeling better on the HRT patches. The Femseven Consta patches have made a huge difference to me. I upped it from half a patch to a whole one a couple of weeks ago and I feel so much better. I can sleep without waking up in a panic with palpitations and hot flushes. They have all stopped. Thank goodness. It was awful.

I also take a quarter of an aspirin before bed because I was a bit worried about the possible side effects and I feel good just taking that little bit of aspirin just in case. Glad you are back on the HRT. If it helps us then I reckon that’s ok eh?

Good luck with it sweets.

Shazzie xx

Bev, There are so many different HRT’s - so if this one does not suit you, do ask to try another. l took Livial - for many years - and did not have intermittent bleeding. You take it continually. l also take a daily low dose aspirin.

Hi Girls, Thanks for your replies, my GP wouldn’t give me HRT that dosn’t cause withdrawl bleeding he said because i hadn’t stopped periods long enough the one he gave me was the best for me. And like you Shazzie it also stopped me waking up feeling anxious. The one I’m on does suit me, but i reackon i am the oldest woman I know still messing about! all my friends and family stopped before they were 50, but i just keep going… (Ruddy hormones). I do smoke as well (although i have cut down a lot) so guess I’m not helping myself, my GP has given up trying to get me to stop. Maybe i should take a low dose dose aspirin do you buy it over the counter or get it on prescription? I also can’t seem to get the paragraphs to work on here… Take care… Bev