GP Appt Went Well

Following on from my earlier thread where I woke with a racing heart a few weeks ago.

GP said that she is sure I had a little panic attack. My blood pressure was ok 143/76.

She just said to use relaxation breathing exercises if it happens again. Hopefully it won’t.

Thanks again for all you lovely people who took the time to reassure/advise me when I was so afraid.

Shazzie xx

Hello Shazzie Good to hear all is well. Apart from the odd panic attack :slight_smile: not surprised about this though…considering the stress of ms and the menopause to contend with. Some relaxation would be good…listening to a meditation cd maybe helpful :slight_smile: :smiley:

hey hun,

glad it all went ok at the doc’s. No more bungee jumping for you then!!

take care of yourself

JBK xx

Thanks Noreen. Good idea about the relaxation CD. Off to look for one now.

Thanks JBK. I will def have to give up he bungee jumping. Oh well. There’s still the sky diving!! Lol!!

Shazzie xx

Oh that`s a relief hun.

Take it easy, yeh?

It sometimes happens to me and I do deep breathing if it feels like a panic attack coming on.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll.

It is really horrible isn’t it? It’s funny how the GP saying it is nothing to worry about makes you feel better.

Take care sweets.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie So pleased it went well and you feel re-assured. Now take it easy… Linda x

Thanks Linda.

She said it was nothing to do with the HRT so that is reassuring for me and for you too eh?


Hi Shazzie,

Glad appt went well - always nice when someone’s posted a question to then post a good outcome.

Jen x

That is good news then which HRT do you take? I’m off to docs next week. Linda x

I take FemsevenConti 50 micrograms patches. You put one patch on your bottom and change it every seven days. It really helps with the flushes and low mood and dryness down below.

I hope you get on ok at the GP too Linda. Blimmin nuisance this menopause thing eh?

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie I will take a note of that. I know I’m uncomfortable enough with MS sensory issues and I’m sick of putting up with the flushes so feel it’s time to alleviate them if I can!!! Oh the joys… Linda x

Glad that overall you’re OK

Sonia xx