Dmd appointment

Well it wasn’t too bad…she was by down to earth and easier to chat and laugh with. Think I am almost convinced to try rebif as a first option and she agreed from what I was saying it would be a good choice. She also hinted that our NHS may stop providing it soon due to how costly it is. Cheeky buggers. Gonna watch my rebif film tonight with the hubbie (how romantic) and hopefully not pass out at the injection part. Maybe ill lie down. She also said that if I struggle I the higher dose I will have the option of staying on the lower dose and people who have done this have been no different to those on the higher one, kind of begs the question, why up it then? And they can fit starting it round me and my holidays too. Phew! Well looks like its almost go…still wish it hadn’t come to this. :frowning: but hey ho things could be a hell of a lot worse and with all the sadness we hear about in the papers etc I’m lucky to be relatively healthy and have my family and friends around x

Well done Lisa glad you got on ok…x

Glad you had a good appointment and seems a positive outcome. I am still waiting for my appointment to discuss DMDs I hope it comes soon. What did they say about depression as when I have been reading up on them and I was looking at most of them seem not to recommend if you have experience of depression which I have. I remember reading your previous post and mentioning this. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thanks

I advised her I’d had post natal which was attributed to my traumatic birth experience (literally near death) and the fact emotionally and physically (not m.s) it took me a while to recover, but mostly emotionally as we had felt very let down by the hospital. Told her that I do get anxiety now and again and feel short tempered sometimes …she said aslong as there is no history of depression or bipolar other than the post natal then I should be fine but to keep an eye on how I feel just in case. She certainly didn’t think it was a reason at the moment to avoid rebif. She was very reassuring. I did keep asking for the oral meds but nope she weren’t having it :slight_smile: haha. Worth a try. How long have you been waiting for an appointment? Maybe chase it up hun x