Appointment went well but

Hi all i hope you are all well.

I had my appointment yesterday regarding dmds. Turns out im eligible and should be able to have tablets rather than injecting subject to blood tests and the usual exam where you feel like the neuro is torturing you (why they have to take so much blood is beyond me, 7 tubes is a bit excessive) but as me and the hubby want to try for a little one theres obviously no point starting them at the min.

The nurse told me that she is happy to keep me high on the list and as soon as I get pregnant (fingers crossed) and know a due date to let her know and she will get me an mri n torturing appointment booked in for after i give birth.

I guess the point in my post is that im really impressed with how they have dealt with me going in and saying i want dmds but i want a baby more. I thought i would be put back to the bottom of the list and have another 9 month wait. Well done Stoke hospital!

Sam xx

I dont usually Jen but she took 7 tubes n even with my post honeymoon tan & a face of make up i still went pale haha x

Glad you’ve had such a positive experience it’s always good to hear!

Good luck with making that baby!

Rosina x

Thanks Katy. How did you find symptoms after giving birth? I was told that the first 3 months after can be pretty rough x

And thank you Rosina x