Finally Nabilone & DMD's

Finally today i saw my ms nurse who said you look dredful and with the new sypmtons Dmd’s may be of help so shes gonna make the case for Dmd’s to my neurologist and ive picked up my Nabilone so hopefully tomorrow or shortly afterwards may be a pain free day at some point maybe now someone will listen when i say heey i feel like s*&^ please help

respect sheep

Glad your nurse is helping you Sheep. Hope your meds soon kick in too, things always seem worse when there’s a lot of pain to deal with.


Hi Sheep

Congratulations on getting sorted out. I just hope the refferal is fast as i was referred back in Jan & only had my appointment through 2 weeks ago but its in 2 weeks time so not too bad. I understand you get priority if your worse but my hospital seemed to have a back log of MSers waiting for DMDs xx