well had the neurophysiology appointment this morning, shes calling the dr to get oral steroids sorted out, i can pick up the prescription in a week, shes getting a scan sorted of my head and spine with the dye to check for new things ( cant remember what she called it) and i finally found out that i have rrms, did the usual tests with the hammer on the legs, legs jumped n the stick along my feet n feet didnt react at all, dont know if thats supposed to happen or not but hey, but atleast now i know what type of ms i have which in my mind is a good thing

hi ObM

its good to know which flavour of ms you have.

will you be offered a DMD or a change of DMD?

carole x

Hi, so now you know and sounds like neuro is efficient.

So how do you feel?

Good luck with getting on with your life.

luv Pollx

im not on any dmd’s at the moment, but will be refered to the queen elizabeth hosp in b’ham if the steroids dont really do much, then they will put me on dmd’s, atleast now i know the relapses will keep coming and going all the time im going to change my name to yo-yo hahha