Ms specialist tomorrow, feeling anxious

Hi everyone, So I am seeing the ms specialist tomorrow for the first time since dx in Feb. I have already tried and failed with Rebif, so will be discussing other DMD treatments with him. I have made my list of symptoms and am trying to keep an open mind, not assuming he will be the same as the two other (poor) neuro’s I have seen thus far, both of which were very dismissive of me. I am feeling really anxious about it all, feel Ike I’m going to forget something or breakdown in his office! Also having to go without hubby’s support as he has to work. I don’t know what I’m asking for really, maybe just some reassurance that it will be ok?! Thanks, sorry for the pathetic ness :slight_smile: Lx

hi leora

i hope your appointment went well.

its a bit late for this but the specialist neuro is very focussed so try to be concise when talking about your symptoms.

he/she will be far from dismissive and will probably concentrate on getting you on another dmd.

you will be fine, stop worrying and make the most of your appointment

carole x

Thanks Carole, sound advice as always. X

Hi L,

Sorry - you know about my goldfish memory! I take it from what you’re saying that the previous two probably weren’t MS specialists? If that’s the case, finally seeing the right bod may make all the difference.

I know you are diagnosed now, so the parallel doesn’t quite hold, but when I was on the road to diagnosis, and saw an MS specialist for the first time (having seen a succession of physios, chiropractors, rheumatologists and a neurosurgeon prior to that!), the difference was amazing!

Although I had - up to that point - never, ever suspected I had MS, I’d never left feeling fully convinced or reassured by any of the others. I was left feeling that although they might have a point, they hadn’t really got to the nub of things. As soon as I saw the MS guy, I really felt we were finally getting somewhere, and that he wasn’t just fishing around in the dark like the rest. I intuitively felt: “Yes, I’m seeing the right person at last! I’m sure he’s onto something!”

So hopefully, you will have a similar experience when you see the right person. I really can’t understand neuros being dismissive once you’ve had a confirmed diagnosis - it’s not as if you can be making “a fuss about nothing” by that point, is it?

I am always nervous of neuro appointments, even though I’ve never had what could really be termed a “bad” experience. It’s something about just being at the hospital. And even that, I don’t fully understand, because it’s not as if I’m in denial or anything - I’m regularly here talking about MS, so it’s not that I’m pretending I don’t have it. Just a bit phobic about hospitals.

I don’t think anxiety is that uncommon, to be honest - who really, honestly WANTS to go to hospital, even if it’s just for a routine chit-chat about how you are? I comfort myself by thinking ahead to when it will all be over, and I won’t have to go again for another six months! Just tell yourself that by tomorrow teatime, it will be history.



Thank you Tina. Yes it will be the first time with a specialist, first neuro was a locum and second a general neuro. Hopefully you’re right and he will be in a different league. I don’t understand the anxiety really, not like he’s going to tell me off or tell me anything I don’t already know! Yes this time tomorrow it will be over for better or worse, will get some cake in to celebrate! Lx