hosp visit

Hi off to the hospital at 9am to see my consultant today. Have a list of different symptoms with me incase I forget. Wish me luck


Hope it goes well for you. It sounds like you have it all in hand by listing your symptoms as its surprising what we forget once we’re in the actual consultation.

((((Hugs)))) Mary


I’m waiting for hospital transport as I type.

I too have a list of everything I want to mention but I bet when I get there and she asks me “how have you been?” I will answer “Fine”


Didn’t get to say “Fine” or anything else as hospital transport never turned up

Visit to consultant was ok, gave him the list of different symptoms there was 8 of them,kept them short but to the point. He checked my reflexes again,done my eyes, has now increased my baclofen to 3 times a day and upped my amytripline to 50mg at night. Had the best night sleep in months. Going to phone the hospital tomorrow to book another brain scan,which will check my brain haha,and thoraic and cervical spine. He dousnt think they will be any change there.I only have 1 med lesion, and i will return to him in december. I must say bout my consultant he does listen and he is really a nice bloke.

Thanks everyone for the hugs xxx