Neuro review tomorrow

Just got back from Physio and the bus made me rock like I was on a cruise ( I wish I was), bus’s always make me dizzy but I cover it up well or I think I do. Anyway Neuro review tomorrow, not sure what happens next but at lease he is still seeing me.


Hello Medion

I hope your neuro appointement goes well today and you get some answers.

Good luck

Hope all goes well Medion

Good luck

Vickie x

Good luck:)

thanks all, I took my sister with me and she fell head over heels over my consultant, it was funny. I have never seen him in that light before, mind you my sister is 14yrs younger than me. I took her becuase she has beend diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome last wk and it something my mother had too. I had mentioned this to him in the past but he has not tested me for it, so he arranged for blood to be taken and we will wait for results although he did say my symptoms do not fit. He agreed with Meniere’s desease although I should have had vertigo attack before all the hearing loss and tinnitus and I have had it the other way round. He did not take an interest in the double vision and blurred vision I had. I was hoping he would go with another MRI but he did not. Seeing me in 6 months and by then he should have Physio feedback too. Feeling rough today and yesterday, so I am going to put my feet up. Lots of dizziness at the moment too. How life has changed, I hope everybody else is having a better day xx