Just wanted to say good luck with the neuro today. I really hope you get some answers

Good luck, keep us posted.

DL xXx

Good Luck Jen. Thinking of you - let us know how you got on please.

Teresa xx

Thanks guys!! I was carried along on the strength of your positive vibes!!

Surprise surprise!! Another lovely man - I wouldn’t have is babies but he can be my bestest friend!!

i gave him my list and he said “Wonderful! I wish all my patients would do this for me!” he read it through asking questions all the way and did a test of my reflexes

He said he thinks my symptoms are coming from my cervical/thoracic spine.

He said straight away that the scans I have already had done were not done as he kikes them done so are not good enough for him -so he has ordered full MRIs of my brain and full spine

He said they would not be long and that he would see me for a longer appointment when the results were back!

Sorted! Im more than happy with him! Best of all I trust him!!
X. X x jenxx

Glad you had a positive appointment Jen and that you feel you’re getting somewhere.

Teresa xx

So glad it went well for you. Even just being taken seriously helps doesn’t it.
2 out 3 being nice isn’t too bad and he sounds like he is being thorough.
Take care

That sounds like a really good outcome! A neurologist who ticks these boxes is to be clasped to one’s bosom with hoops of steel.



Lucky you a good Neuro, wish I could keep mine but after my appt on 17 May its Hi Ho Hi Ho its back to the NHS I go !!! Great to hear you are finally being listened to.

 DL xXx

So pleased it went well Jen. With all you've been through lately you deserve to be heard, listened to, and helped.

Really glad he's getting things moving for you.

Let us know whent the scans happen.

Bren x

wonderful news Hun…another good appt or you two out of three isn’t bad…hehe he sounds thorough and on the ball xx


did you know that you can go on the internet and leave reviews of your consultant?

I discovered it by chance when googling a consultant to check his credentials.

It can be done anonymously, though my personal preference is to put my name to something if I feel strong enough to give the feedback. Then if they really care, it gives the person the opportunity to investigate their performance...and learn from it.

I just think that it is awful if you have a bad experience, and the good guys like this neuro should get the appreciation they deserve.

I am just mindful of that phrase "quick to criticise, slow to praise"

Lets sing about the good guys !! thumbsup


That’s excellent Jen - really does sound like you have a keeper. So pleased for you after all the ups and downs you’ve had getting seen.

We should definitely put some reviews for the doctors that are good. There’s few good neuro’s out there and the ones that are should be appreciated.



I'd certainly rate him and the endo doc as top notch! My faith is restored!  

But not Dr Grimchops xxlolxxxtounge

Glad it went well Jen, hopefully not long to wait now!
Chis x