Hmmm. .

Had my appointment with the neurologist today. Pleasantly surprised that he had time for my random questions and actually seemed interested. Not sure what to think now about the next steps. He did all the usual test etc at the end of his test he said he is referring me for and mri and nerve test but he thinks they will show as normal. I have to say I’m happy with the appointment and him thinking things will show nothing. I just don’t understand why the further test is needed if he is confident enough to say he thinks fnd. Which again I would gladly accept and I was hoping to be told that. I actually said am I not just wasting nhs money and time by doing extra test? It doesn’t make sense?

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hi saltypie

you seem to have a good neuro (hang on to him and don’t let him go).

he is trying to find answers for you.

have the tests, you have nothing to lose.

hope it turns out to be something with an easy fix.

carole x

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Amen to that, Carole.

‘In for a penny…’, saltypie. Might as well let the process play itself out, I think. You aren’t wasting anyone’s time or money.



I suppose. And I guess I sound ungrateful but I promise I’m not. I’m just thinking along the lines of if a professional thinks the results will be normal then why let me take up someone’s slot who needs it more therefore giving them a longer wait. Honestly though I am thankful that I’m still able to post on here and receive no judgement. Your all amazingly helpfull x

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Since writing that comment almost 4 hours ago my mind has been running on overdrive!! I am normally very good at staying positive/hoping for the best and dismissing/ignoring symptoms but I just can’t stop thinking about what has made him adamant I have more test. Gone through my appointment 500 times in my head. I need it to be morning so I can get back to work and stop thinking. I know I failed my walking/balance but my leg has been my main issue so that’s understandable. What has got me thinking is that when I walked into his office he already had my old report up on the screen from when this happened a few years ago and it’s pretty much word for word as what I have been experiencing this year. Same time of year as well. I know this is an ms forum but does anyone know if FND has a pattern of episodes? I know I should stop thinking and I will do eventually I’m just trying to figure stuff out.

Saltypie, neurologists work in mysterious ways, their wonders to perform, and ordinary mortals like us can drive themselves bonkers trying to second guess; it is a good plan not to let this drive you, raving, for the hills if you can help it. You just do not have enough information to make over-thinking a productive activity, or so it seems to me.

I did smile (in recognition, not amusement) when you said about wanting it to be time to go to work so that you could stop thinking. You are quite right, of course - work is a great way of taking your mind off things.


Your right about me not having enough info! especially not to warrent four wasted hours which i could of used enjoying my evening. I’m definitely going to put myself to bed and tomorrow I may be back to carrying on as normal. Thank you x

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