Neuro prof tomorrow...

…any tips oh wise and wonderful people? I obviously want to make the most of this appointment and get the right tests etc.

My OH says “don’t be all chirpy so it looks like it makes no difference to your life!” !!

Thats a good question Debs, I have the same thing in four weeks and Im a bit worried too, so I going to keep an eye on this page, I may learn something. Good Luck for tomozza ! (((hugs))) Frank

The advice that my Neoro gave me was to make a list.
Put whatever bothers you the most at the top.
Sort the rest of the list in descending order of importance to you.

Now write it out again. Nice and neatly so that you can read it quickly.

Don’t hand the list over and sit back - tell the Neuro “This is what bothers me the most”, and then state the thing at the top of the list.

Now, you have established that there are things that affect your life. Like your OH says, don’t be all chirpy, just factual. Now remember to have a notebook with you to write down what you are told.


Sound advice!

Good luck hon. What time is your appt?

I’ve got 3 separate appointments at 3 separate hospitals tomorrow. OH is having to take day off to chauffeur me about now I’ve been told not to drive.

Late morning at ‘The Chiltern Hilton’ for my liver and gallbladder scan. Lunchtime Stoke Mandeville for ‘opthalwhatsit’ from a&e visit last night re optic neuritis and then back to High Wycombe for Rheumy consultant appointment in evening. Won’t be logging on much tomorrow but will try and check up on you tomorrow night.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!


Sound advice from Geoff, follow it and you won’t go wrong. Wish you good luck.

ClaireWWW I wish you a good day and hope you’re not so tired when you get home.

Do let us know how you get on, please.



Good luck for your appointments Deb and Claire. Hope all goes well.

Let us know how you get on.



morning Deb

Firstly good luck for today, I hope that you get some answers.

As for advice not to much to add, I did a list of symptoms…not what bothered me most 1st but starting from head (virtigo) then worked down body to the numbness in feet.

I also charted in a diary type way of symptoms and when they occured, this was able to show the clear relapses or episodes.

again good luck and let us know how you get on if you feel up to it.


Good luck today Deb, hope it goes ok! Chis x

Thanks guys - have made my list in order of annoyance with the main words in bold - like buzzing, burning, jerks, numb etc

I shall now add the patterns underneath - good advice Polly.

Goodness me Claire, what a day. Hope it goes well and look forward to catching up later.