Well tomorrow is the day I see the neurologist after 13 long weeks and it’s typical that I’m feeling Ok and seem to be going through a good spell. Apart from the odd bad day I’ve had a good 6weeks! I’m so nervous probably go blank once in there ahhh any words of wisdom?? Cheers Mandi x

Yes. Most importantly wrote everything down beforehand :slight_smile:

symptoms and history of your condition and any questions you want to ask. And if possible take someone with you in case you miss anything out!

big hugs and hope it goes well :slight_smile:


Thanks mick, I have written a list, but unfortunately I have no one to go with :frowning: so will haft to try and remember. Hope I don’t get fobbed off and they listen it’s only taken 4 years to get this far!!

Good advice from Mick. Wishing you a good appointment, Mandi! Be courageous enough to ask questions and make sure you understand what s/he says to you. If not, ask for it to be repeated.