Had first Neuro appointment this morning

He was nice! He was a little clinical, but I have heard that is often the case with neurologists.

He asked about my ON and various other symptoms. I already have a head MRI on 9th December, so he has booked me back in to see him on 16th December to discuss the scan results.

He also tested my balance and reflexes. I found I wasn’t really able to walk in a straight line with one foot in front of the other. Felt like I was going to fall over and was all over the place.

Not much else to say about it, other than they insisted on weighing me. Probably my least favourite bit of the whole appointment! :slight_smile:

PG xx

Really glad he was nice, PG! Good luck with the scan etc…not that long to wait.

Hey Pandagal, Glad it went well! I had my first one this morning, too. Wishing you well for your scan :heart:

That sounds like a really good appointment PG. MRI on the 9th and see neuro for results on the 16th…excellent.

All the best with follow up appointment.


Sounds like it went well and speedy follow up and mri results too!! Good luck Ax

Thanks everyone. I’m feeling very positive at the moment. Fingers crossed for some good news xxx