Neuro was lovely!

Hi all.

After very long (25 weeks) wait, I saw my neuro for the 1st time today and he was flipping lovley.

I came away from the appointment very happy.

I had been nervous about seeing him because of all the neuros that appear to be complete and utter (filtered word) but I just wanted to reassure all the other newbies on here that not all of them are like that. Every now and again a good 'un comes along.

ATB Angela xx

Hi Angela!

Nice to hear a positive comment!

I think we are all guilty of sounding off on here when we get a bad neuro experience - so I suppose it then seems like the norm!

Unfortunately when someone is so ill for so long and then gats a negative and uncompassionate neuro - it just amplifies everything!

I think in order to balance it we should encourage everyone to post when it’s positive like you have!!! xxxjenxxx

Here here! I’m obviously lucky too! My Neurologist is like a dog with a bone. No messing around. Straight in with blood, urine and MRI tests. Think that’s why I haven’t completely lost my marbles because he’s just keeps saying " we will keep looking". Even if it takes a while and all my tests and scans keep coming back negative ! Like you think I got a good one too. All the best take care

Hi Angela, Lovely to hear of a good appointment :slight_smile: I like my Neuro, he is my hero, very thorough and has saved me from many years of shrugged shoulders and fob me off treatment. Sam x

So glad to hear of some positive experiences. Have my first Neuro appt next week and am really nervous.

Am really hoping I get one of the good ones!

Which is exactly why I posted Jen. I have had my fair share of patronising, head up their own arses consultants over the past 2 years (this is my 7th Consultant) so I just wanted to share.


So lovely to hear some positive experiences.

Have my first Neuro appointment next week…here’s hoping I strike lucky too!

That’s great news Angela. I have one of the good ones too and feel very lucky to have him.

Mags xx

Great news Angela didn’t know you were being seen today. What did he say or would you rather not disclose A

Purpledot - I truly hope you get a good one too. Please, please take the advice of the guys on here and go in with a dated symptom list. It made all the difference to me when he was firing off rapid questions and getting me all confused (Believe me, it doesn’t take a lot) and if you can, take someone with you. Not only for moral support, but to help if you forget something.

Arwen, I don’t mind disclosing - I have no secrets between friends :slight_smile: Will be on another post though as I wanted this one to be about nice neuros (a rare creature.)