Neuro appt update

Hi,Well I saw the neuro yesterday. MRI clear, LP negative, blood tests clear. I really am pleased. The trouble is my face is still numb, got an awful metallic taste, tongue is intermitttantly numb/pins and needles, tingling across my head, ringing in my ears, little fingers numb and both legs tingle!

I’m going to have a CT scan chest and abdomin but he expects this to be clear. Which again would be good. He said I may be part of the 25% he sees who are undiagnosed - not so good. He assured me he believed me - I had ON last October which effectively blinded me, and he never mentioned funtional etc.

My husband asked about the quality and the scan/machine etc and he was fairly dismissive of this. He said he was the medic and we weren’t. A bit rich considering my husband used to be a research scientist but we let that one go!

I feel he is a good neuro, but doesnt like questions! He said he’d see me in 12 months and sooner if my GP felt I needed it. I think this is pretty good really and I can’t complain. Better than most I think.

So the plan, get on with life and see what happens. Maybe the ON was a one off attack and the other symtoms will fade with time. Or maybe it will get worse and I’ll get on the merry go round again!!

Thanks for all the support I've been given, esp Karen.

Ps Karen - the machine was a 1.8. He declared it to be the best known to man and was infallable!